[H] 6/10 M Guild LF heals and DPS

Window Liquors is recruiting!

Faction: Horde

Server: Tichondrius

Castle Nathria 10/10H 6/10M

Ny’alotha Progression: 10/12M

Raid Schedule: Tues/Weds 7:30 - 10:00 EST

Alt Runs: Sunday Night 7:00 EST

Mythic+: Daily/Nightly

++Recruitment Needs:++

Tank: No Need

Healer: Any Healer Pref Pally or resto shaman

DPS: Ranged Pref Boomkin or shadow priest

All exceptional player are welcome to come earn a spot on core team.

++What We Offer++

~ Strong and experienced leadership.

~ Knowledgeable players who have raid experience starting as early as Vanilla.

~ Honest advice/support on gearing, professions, achievements, etc or where to get it from.

~ A fun laid back atmosphere.

~ We are an alt friendly guild.

++What We Expect++

~ ++Preparation:++ Show up with your gear gemmed and enchanted. Read up on fights, watch the videos, etc.

(understand that the above does not give actual experience for fights)

~ ++Class Knowledge++: Understand your class inside and out. Be aware of your role in each encounter.

~ ++Dependability:++ We expect our raid members to be committed. While real life obligations happen, we do expect high attendance for scheduled raids.

~ ++Communication:++ Discord is required for all raid members even if you do not use a mic.

~ ++Attitude:++ Have a good attitude and mesh well with other raiders.

~ ++System Requirements:++ Be able to sustain decent fps in 20 player groups and have a reliable internet connection.

We are looking for someone who can hold their own while also being a team player.

Any level of experience is welcome. This includes new players, veterans, and returning players.

Please Contact

Discord: treyhigh1987#0679 - James#8960 - Carnage#6888 - Demonsfearr#4267

Btag: Trey#1181 - Banjokazooi#1341 - Carnage986#1732 - Demonsfearr#1407