[H] 5/8M 381 Disc Priest LF CE Guild!



I’m looking for a guild to raid with on my disc priest. I’m currently 5/8 M but due to my current guild disbanding and breaking up during the holidays I’m currently looking for a new place to call home to finish the last few weeks of Uldir and into BoD any beyond!

What I can offer:

  • I pride myself on maximizing my potential as a player and will do everything I can to learn about my spec and itemize my character in the best way possible.
  • I’m a fast learner and will adapt to unfamiliar encounters quickly. Like any human being, I make mistakes from time to time, but I can accept when I’ve done so and will learn from my mistakes instead of pinning them on others.
  • I maintain a positive attitude and calm demeanor and rarely become frustrated or angry.
  • I will be an active member of the community. I play a lot outside of raids and like to chat and joke around with guildies.
  • I have very good attendance. I will never fail to show up without giving plenty of notice, (except, of course, in the event of a severe emergency).

I can provide logs from 8.0/8.1 for my priest upon request. I also have logs from my holy paladin that I can provide for 8.0.

My guild criteria:

  • A calm and positive environment. I will not be comfortable in hostile, toxic or excessively loud or stressed environments.
  • Minimal vulgarity and crudeness. If your Discord channel sounds like a middle school playground, I’m not interested.
  • Zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination or stigma of any sort.
  • An active community outside of raids.
  • Preferably capable of making CE every tier. If your guild does not appear to be on track to make CE in Uldir but you have a valid reason why progress has been slow (roster issues, etc), you can tell me the reason and I will be understanding. I’m not going to be super strict about this one because I care a lot more about the people in the guild than how well it performs.
  • Horde.
    **Raid times BETWEEN 8:00 EST-11:00 EST. This is rigid and absolutely non-negotiable.

If you’re still with me and think I’d be a good fit for your group, please provide your contact info and I will be getting in touch if I believe I would be the right fit for you. Please make sure your guild meets all the criteria I laid out before contacting me , otherwise things will not work out. The fifth point is the only one I’m not strict on.

(Frostybuff) #3

From the sounds of what you’re looking for I think we’d honestly be a good choice for you. I hope you consider us in your decision!

< Range Five > [H] Zul’jin - 4/8M, is looking for exceptional raiders to continue our Mythic Progression!

< Range Five > provides a great raid atmosphere that values performance and teamwork so that we can have steady progression towards Cutting Edge. We are laid back during farm and trash, but are serious for progression.

Raid times:

Friday 9PM -12PM EST
Saturday 9PM - 12PM EST

Recruitment Needs:
These are listed in order of priority from high to low.
Tank: In need of backup willing to play dps
Melee: Death Knight, Rogue, Monk, Paladin
Ranged. Mage, Druid, Priest
Healer: Shaman, Priest, Paladin

Regardless of whether or not your class is listed above we are always welcoming of exceptional players!

What we expect:

  • Reliability. We expect you to show up on time and be prepared for raid.
  • Commitment towards the guild and progression.
  • Understand that we want to down bosses and have fun doing it. There may be some friendly banter, but it is all good fun.

Contact Info:
Feel free to contact any of our officers below.

  • LonewolfmcQ#1468
  • Cross#12398
  • Phobia#1707


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