[H] 480 6/12M exp Sub/Sin Rogue LF raiding group


Assassination Rogue looking for a raiding guild to push in Shadowlands, have many alts including warlock, druid, pally, dk all 475+ ilvl

Available any nights of the week besides friday and Saturdays for all wow content including M+ and RBG or arenas.

Available all days for raiding besides Friday and Saturdays, preferably Wednesdays and Sundays if possible

Willing to server transfer for the right guild.

For further inquiries, message/add me on: kelvinsauce#1955

Hey Kaytee!

We raid Wed and Sunday nights - 7pm-10pm, and we would definitely consider an experienced rogue for our DPS core raiding Roster. We have varied experienced players some 12/12M to some only 3/12M. But we are confident we have the right core to push and clear all content relatively fast - with a more casual approach.


Please have a look and if interested - add me.

Hey mate - just sent you an add (Jamieb#11619). My guild is called < NRK >. We are newly formed for Shadowlands, but have players with Cutting Edge experience, including myself with Cutting Edge Uldir in BFA before a break. Looking at solid players for a semi-hardcore, 2 night a week raid schedule. Would love to have a chat.

Hiya Bud!
We’re a friendly, social bunch and we raid Wed/Thurs nights 7.30pm+
We are gunning for a quick AOTC and then on to mythic progression.

send me a friend request on bnet if you’re interested!

  • Silfae (FrankWalker#11939)