H 479 hpal LF Guild

Hey guys! I’m currently a 3940io hpally looking for a new guild to finish up bfa and move into SL.

I was an active mythic raider in EP and was 4/8 before I took a break. I’ve been a mythic raider for pretty much every xpac with breaks here and there due to life. Currently, I’m 3/12m and have spent most of bfa focusing on m+.

I’d love a place with a tight knit group who progress CE and also push other content. I love pushing keys and ideally would prefer a group who has an active 4k+ key group. I PvP and have 2k+ exp in 2s/3s. I am capable and 475+ as ret/prot and able to hybrid roles if necessary, but am a healer at heart. Preferably a high pop H server w/ times around 7-11 PST (days are flexible).

I’m a quick learner and would love to either help a similar progressed guild out, or join a more progressed group that doesn’t mind bringing me up to speed. Currently I have time to be a core raider w/ covid but am unsure of what my availability would be once the world stops ending. If that’s something your guild can work with hit me up anytime :slight_smile:

Artiv#1113 btag
Artiv#6138 discord

Hello! I am the acting GM of a horde guild on Turalyon called Sleepless Knights. We are a newer guild, with a lot of old school players who joined the BFA party late. Guild is about 3 months old, and has two AOTC groups. We plan to begin mythic this week, to get some practice in for players who have never had a shot at seeing fights at that difficulty before SL hits. We are VERY active despite it being the end of the xpac, and are trying to round out a solid roster. We have many mythic+ groups, a decent amount of PvP players, and all in all a very welcoming community. Please let me know if you are interested and I can shoot you my btag!

Come take a look

Hello friends! My name is Bullcon and I represent <Raiding Is Hard:(> we are a friendly late night raiding guild based on Area-52. We are looking for skilled DPS to help us finish this tier and build a team that will be successful in the shadowlands and beyond!

Raid Times/Days:
Tuesday/Thursday from 11pm-2am PST or 2am-5am EST (Area 52 server time) or 1am-4am CT

We also do an optional raid day on Wednesday at the same times where we sell carries. Its a non-mandatory day but its a fun and quick way to make some easy money as well as farm Echoes/Azerite and get some juicy Heroic parses!

Current Progress:
We are currently 9/12 Mythic and have just begun progress on Ilgynoth (We’re doing the no dispell strat and expect the boss to die quickly!)

Contact Info:
If you’re interested you can reach me with the info listed below and I will try to get back to you in a timely manner.
BTAG: Bullcon#1672

How goes it, reviewing what you are looking for we might be able to cover most of it. Only thing is that 4k io area :wink: Nice to see how are you are pushing, most of us are ranging 2500-3k io only but we are very active most evenings during the times you posted. Let me know if you want to learn more

Confusion is a Horde guild located on Illidan looking build up a roster, kill Nzoth, and go into Shadowlands with a solid roster. We are a semi-hardcore progression guild that is committed to completing as much mythic content as possible. We encourage a friendly community who are typically on grinding content and running mythic pluses. We have a Cutting Edge core, and we are always looking to improve our roster. We have high hopes and chances to get CE!

Raid Days :
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Raid Times: (9 hours weekly)
9:00PM PST to 12:00AM PST
10:00PM MST to 01:00AM MST
11:00PM CST to 02:00AM CST
12:00AM EST to 03:00AM EST

Progression :
0/12M - Most likely, when we do have enough members to raid, we will skip to Carapace, and kill Nzoth
(Our core is made up of Cutting Edge players)

forms .gle/6tsJFdQvESkuz2zZ6 (REMOVE THE SPACE)

For any questions please contact on Battlenet:
Zenine#11353 or Tanar#1441


9/12 Mythic [Area-52]
Currently looking for DPS and Healers!

Global Fraud Management was built on a two day raid schedule. Friday - Saturday (11pm - 2am EST)
The group was founded by a close knit of friends. The objectives we hop to hit is enjoyment of raid while being competitive on the two night schedule that we have set up. Although we are new we have high hopes for Shadowlands and would like to finish the current tier CE. We are raid led by a 12/12M player(.We want like minded individuals like you in here. I have added you and we can discuss further!
Add Shadowsightz#1844 , Mike#311195 , sezure#1759 , NosTheHoss#1668 for more information

Hello Artiv
Our Monday raid team would be perfect for you!
Illidan [H] is 11/12M looking for raiders looking to get CE. We are a MORNING raiding guild. We currently have two raid teams, main raid team that is 11/12M currently working on Nzoth and raids WED/THU/FRI 8AM (NOT PM) to 11AM CST. Our second raid team raids Mondays 5/12M 8AM-11AM.

If this interests you let me know,

Withoutt#8803 -Discord
Without#1930- Bnet