[h] 444 resto druid LF guild

I am seeking a guild, any server

Any realm is open for transfer. I will not be staying on WRA and am looking for any medium or higher population realm.

What you need to know upfront:

  • 444 Resto druid equipped
  • 1206 IO score
  • AOTC for BfD through EP.
  • Looking to transfer ASAP and will make a trial toon to say hi, try out in a raid with your guild as a healer, or simply b-net friend you to let you know me first. :slight_smile: :

What I am looking for summed up:

  • Friends first mindset. I’m not just looking to raid and run dungeons. I want to be a part of a team that laughs and enjoys the company of their guildies.

  • Mythic + team. – I want to push high keys and do not have the IO score currently to pug it easily. I prefer a guild that pushes high keys and has room for a healer for mythic + runs.

  • Raiding — With new content coming soon, and mythic EP going cross realm I’m looking to push into mythic EP and go with a team into the new content for progression. 2 night a week guild preferred. I’m west coast and am finding most guild raids start way too early for me. Raid must not start earlier than 7 PST. I can MAYBE make 6:30 work. Any days are fine though.

  • Mature group. I’m in my 30s.

  • Active Discord – I love coming in to say hi and catch up even when at work, ect. Active discords a huge plus.

How to Reach me:

  • Post here :slight_smile:
  • Bnet Tag: trtljn#1487
  • Discord: Laerwin#1854

Thank you, your raid times start way too early for me to attend though and I am a druid, not a pally :confused: but wish you luck in finding someone!