[H] 423 Fury Warr LF M+/Raiding Guild - Bleeding Hollow

I’m a 423 Fury Warrior looking for a raiding guild for Nyalotha as well as to run M+. I haven’t raided since WoD but when I commit, I take it seriously. I’m looking for something semi-hardcore, I don’t like wasting time but I do like to have fun while playing. I’m planning on hitting at least 430+ ilvl by 8.3, hopefully while playing in a guild, and also have plans to level and gear my Rogue, and am open to playing either character.

I am NOT looking for a guild that has a ton of people in it but nobody that actually plays together. I like tighter knit groups and people that actually respond when I put something in guild chat. I’m in my 20s and not looking to play with kids.

I am currently working full time and in school but I’m finishing school in the next couple weeks and have an 8-5 M-F so evenings and weekends work best.

I’m on Bleeding Hollow but if there’s a great fit I am open to changing realms.

Thanks for reading, I will be watching this thread or you can add my Battletag: Vipers#1384

Hi there! So as the title states, my guild is in a rebuilding phase.

Dracarys Productions on Bleeding-Hollow[H]

I had to take a break due to IRL stuff and lost most of my members in those few months. I came back to my guild in August and since than have been actively recruiting.

With classic and more established guilds, recruitment has been difficult. So here it goes.

My goal for my guild/community is to build up a fun, friendly, casual environment with active members that actually engage in guild activities.

I want core members to run mythic + groups weekly, raid and pvp as well as run achievement/mount and mog runs.

I want casual members to participate in activities as well as be active in guild chat.

Currently Need ALL SPECS/CLASSES. Willing to place people where they are comfortable, with possibly off roles as well.

Anyway, if you think that you would like to be apart of rebuilding this community, shoot me a message on discord or bnet.


What hours and days are you looking for an eventual raid?

Times: 8-11 PM PST (11-2AM EST) T/Thurs/Sun

Horde / Hyjal / Excidiorum

We’re not a huge guild, but we’re tight nit and have a somewhat active discord that jokes around during the day. We’re looking for more committed, like-minded players to join and build for 8.3, so if you want to chat, hit me up: Discord: Rummie#1477, bnet: rummie#1853

Hello, we are recruiting:

How Long On Brez | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST