[H] 412 AOTC Fury Warrior LF Mythic raiding guild!


Hello potential guildies! I’m currently seeking a mature semi hardcore guild interested in pushing mythic progression 6-9 hours per week. Currently 9/9 H 2/9 M BoD and 2/2 H CoS. I’m looking to transfer to a EST server so that I may play with lower ping (current server is west coast). Raid times with my current guild also run very late for me. What you can expect from me is showing up to each raid on time prepared and ready to pull. I’m also a veteran with my class since i’ve stuck with warrior the entirety of playing wow. I’m in my early 30’s and started playing back in vanilla where I tanked from vanilla-wotlk. I went fury in cata and have been maining this spec ever since but quit towards the end when LFR was introduced. I’m extremely confident in playing my class and have no problem with either tanking or dpsing. If you think i’d be a good fit for your guild then please don’t hesitate to message me.

Btag: Razgorok#1895

Disc: Boxy Brown#3681


Hello. < Flex Progression > on Tichondrius Horde. Is currently looking for Exceptional Dps/Healers. We are currently 8/9m and raid T-W-TH 8-11Pm EST. We also have a second group that is 5/9m They raid sun-Mon 10-1Pm Est.
How we run our guild is we compete for raid spots. Players that play at a high lvl and do mechanics can earn core spots. We focus on guild progression over everything and that being said some fights require certain classes to sit and to come in.
If you have any questions about us feel free to ask. If you think this fits how you play and the times/nights work for you. Then you can apply at FlexProgression .com ;D
Sorry for the block post aswell haha


First, Thank you for looking at our posting! If you have questions, Please contact me directly Frozenwing#1670 on Bnet… or frozenwing#0516 on Discord.


Recruitment Needs

Warlocks / Mages / Holy pally / Resto shaman / A strong tank could be considered

About Us

We are of Durotan/Ysera . We are a Mythic Raiding Guild with a goal (But not a need) for CE. The guild has been around since Vanilla and was the result of a merging in the two top guilds on the server. With no plans to go anywhere. We are mostly former hardcore raiders that simply cannot raid 4-5 nights a week anymore due to Family / Career / etc… So we decided to raid on the weekends. And have been ever since MoP.

Raid Times (All Times Are Eastern)

Tuesday (optional): 8PM until about 10PM (heroic / farm content only) [Normal / heroic when applicable]
Friday (progression): 7:45PM until 11PM
Saturday (progression): 7:45PM until 11PM

Contact Us

Please contact me with any and all questions you may have… you can catch me on my bnet anytime… or on discord at the information im leaving below.

Frozenwing-Durotan (Guild Master) [Frozenwing#1670 - Bnet] or [Frozenwing#0516 - Discord]
Killerthings#1670 bnet - recruitment assistant.
Tristaris-Durotan (Officer)

Thank you, Looking forward to hearing from you.
=rozenwing -GM


Thanks you for the offers. I’ve recently accepted a trial with another guild. Best of luck to you all!