[H]408 Hpaladin 5/9M Exp LF Home


As title states!

Former top 500 US Hpally. My current guild has come to the point where it’s lost too many players to really be stable enough to continue to push content at a pace for killing bosses. As they are really nice players and friendly they lack recruiting I think mainly due to losing the raid leader recently and since then has been a real struggle.

I am available currently pretty much any day of the week to raid including weekends/late night. If this sounds like something interesting to you please add me @Arcanine#11970 for more info and to touch basis with current needs and info.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

(Lucìfêr) #3

Hey there I’m having to leave my own guild for schedule reasons. I am my guild’s only holy paladin, and they’ll be without one from now on. were 8/9 Mythic . Id like to pass your info to my healing lead.

Please add me @ Damocles#11473 so I can connect you two.

Alliance - 8/8 Mythic Server first Mythic G’huun , currently 8/9 Mythic on Jaina

4 raid days during progression , 3 during farm.

Tues, Wed , Sat , Sun. @ 10 c.s.t. - 1 c.s.t.

Edit : Just so you know whats up, they’ll be progressing on Jaina with saved lockouts for sometime. You might be able to progress on Jaina with them, but chances are they’ll run w/o one during the 1st kill.

They are an impressive guild of close friends, with a great social atmosphere. If your up for the job, and can handle your own inside a group of core mythic minded healers you’ll fit right in.

Hoping to speak with you soon.