[H] 4/8M - LF DPS - EGH 6 hour weekend! Sat/Sun 8-11pm EST

<Earth Go Hard> 4/8M, 8/8H is recruiting for a weekend raiding guild on the US - Mal’Ganis server. On the the previous night of Orgozoa progress, we got the boss to 1%. With the holidays coming up we’re looking to recruit a few extra players to keep the progression going even with the inevitable postouts!

Earth Go Hard was originally formed on the Burning Legion server during T14 dubbed as Eon, and during T17 was raiding 9 hours and achieved a top spot on the server as well as top 200 US. We’ve maintained the same tight-knit officer core and look forward to adding to our roster this expansion.

Raid times are Saturday and Sunday 8pm EST to 11pm EST. We have achieved AOTC every tier we’ve been relevant. Our goal is cutting edge. We play for 6 hours and don’t expect to waste time. Our players are all at the top of their game and I expect you to be as well. Everyone will make a mistake at some point, but how you fix it defines you and we’re looking for players that not only take pride in pulling good numbers but also execute mechanics well.

The guild will be providing feasts and cauldrons. You’re expected to bring your own potions and personal food in case you miss a feast etc. Augment runes are not required but recommended.

Currently, we’re recruiting the following:
1 Ranged with healing offspec
Balance druid - HIGH PRIORITY
Shadow Priest
Frost DK
Enhance Shaman

If your class isn’t listed here fear not! We’re looking for all exceptional players that like the consistency of our times and relaxed schedule. Please apply so we can be in touch and see how we can help you fit into our roster!

We now have an automated application process! Apply Here:

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to the following on btag:

Murrik: EMG#11389 - Raid Lead / GM

Enjoy the rest of your day, and happy searching!

I’m Lord Rayden and I approve this message.

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I’m McFurguson and I play Commander Shepherd soooooo. I’m commander Shepherd and this is my favorite guild on The Citadel.

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This guild is officially endorsed by Lilchildren

I come. To pump. You up! I am da pawtee poopah and this guild will pump. You up!

For years I’ve suffered emotional depravity for self induced solitude. I break my emo chains of silence to tell one and all that this guild is the most Poe of all guilds and befitting even the likes of Edgar Allen himself.

Got a couple of promising guys coming this weekend! Looking for a few more! :smiley:

Can wait to be healing for you guys in a few weeks. Night job grats on Jadefire!

I guess I’m the mythic plus bot huh

Come raid with us! We have logs available. Very excited about where we’ll splash in 8.2.

Going to bed, hopefully hear from a shadow priestttt? :slight_smile: Or mage, we don’t judge!

Don’t be shy and apply :smiley:

I’m up! Let’s talk!

Taking a nap soon, but feel free to reach out! We’re always looking for solid dps to join our ranks!

Up, whose looking to join a team Progressing every week??

Put me in coach

Possibly looking for a blood dk

Why can’t I tank for you guys…

Still looking for a blood dk! Dps inquire!

I’m the Chick-fil-A line like can you help me pls