[H] 277 iLvl Hunter LF Guild for S4 and DF - 4/11M SFO, 9/10 SoD. 8/10 CN

My raid guild for SFO broke up a couple months ago. I ended up taking a little bit of a break from Wow to rejuvenate. With the release of Season 4 and DF on the way I want to get back into things.

What I’m looking for: 2-3 night raiding guild on Mal’ganis. Can make raid times between 7pm-1am EST. I am looking for a long term home and a community to settle into and be able to enjoy the game, not just a few quick boss kills. Unfortunately I’ve had some bad luck with guilds falling apart to the attendance boss this expansion and haven’t had the stability I’m looking for. A perfect fit would be a guild that pushes for CE on a somewhat casual schedule that allows for a balance of home/work/and WoW.

About Me: Started playing since Vanilla, however I began started raiding seriously in BC. From BC to the end of Cata I raided in a semi-hardcore guild that managed to complete all raids while they were current. Starting in MoP, I decided to pursue higher end raiding. Through MoP > WoD > BC I raided at the CE level in the top 50 US guilds. My last high end raiding was with Spike Flail in Legion. I took BFA off due to IRL constraints as I was unable to dedicate the time needed to upkeep a character for top end raiding. I wanted to come back to wow and raiding in Shadowlands in a more casual manner. I still want to push for CE, but cannot dedicate the time needed to raid at the very high end… I joined Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum and finished CN 8/10M. We would have gotten further but cancelled the last 3 months of raiding in 9.0 due to poor attendance. We started out 9.1 with a refreshed roster, reaching 3/10M, however attendance issues caused the guild to fall apart and cease raiding. I then joined Manifest. We finished SoD 9/10. We had about two weeks of pulls on Sylvanas but the GM decided to pause until 9.2. We were able to reach 4/11 in SFO however the attendance and recruitment were difficult and the guild leadership decided to stop raiding at that point.

Discord: demingo#8420
BNET demingo#1515