[H] 270 Druid looking for Late Night or Early Morning Mythic or AOTC Raiding Guild

Hi there,

I’m currently located on - [H][US][Hyjal]

I’m a 270ilvl Guardian druid looking for an active Raiding and M+ guild. I’m willing to server transfer for the right opportunity. Tired of looking at an empty friends list, and guild lists showing no one online. Looking for a guild that is active beyond raid times. I have a long list of experience but I’m always looking to improve. I play this game because I enjoy it therefor I’m not looking for a guild with a toxic raid environment/ragers/yellers.

My preferred raid days are:

  • For Late Night: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Monday but I can make Thursday work too. Can’t start earlier than 9pm PST due to work.
  • For Early Morning Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Finishing by 10am PST

I will consider 3 days a week for the right guild.

  • I’m happy and willing to raid as Guardian (preferred)
  • Feral (I know it’s weak but it’s fun)
  • Balance (still learning how to play properly),
  • Resto (I’m pretty good at resto)

if you don’t have a spot for a guardian druid.**

Previous experience includes but is not limited to:


  • 2.8k score in Legion.
  • 3.4k score in BFA.
  • 2.5k in Shadowlands


BC: all raids cleared while relevant (except SWP)

  • WoTLK: All content cleared including all hard modes while relevant.
  • Cata: BWD, BOT, & DS cleared on heroic while still relevant
  • MOP and WOD didn’t play
  • Legion EN 7/7M CE, TOV & ATBT AOTC.
  • BFA: Uldir, BOD, Ny’alotha AOTC + 3/12M Ny’alotha from pugging.
  • Shadowlands: CN AOTC, Sepulcher 5/11N and 4/11H from pugging only.

my raider io - https://raider.io/characters/us/hyjal/Kayak

Respond here, or message me in game Bnet is Tavan#1460