[H] 249 Frost DK 5/10M 2565io

Hello there,

Been in a few guilds with roster issues over the past month and a half, completely stopping any progression, so I’m trying to find an active guild who will actually make progress in Mythic SOD at this point in the patch.

Primarily play frost DPS, I have experience tanking as blood on heroic and mythic remnant. I also have some experience tanking m+ as blood as well.

Also looking to find a guild actively pushing m+ or running m+ groups. I’ve been pugging most of my keys recently and is takes a frustrating amount of time to get into decent groups as a DPS.

I have a decently geared 238ilvl arms warrior as well.

btag: AegisFLCL#2570
disc: aegisflcl#0076

Hello, We’re looking to Add to our team to start Mythic Prog with the goal of CE, we have some Raiders for AOTC Not interested in Mytic, so we’re just looking to get the roster of 20+ uo and ready.

We’re a big key guild with many 2k+ members and some pushing 2300+

Would love to chat with ya our raid nights are Tuesday / Wednesday 9:00-11:30 EST
Thursday nights are optional for alts etc
We also have Sunday and Monday nights dedicated for keys as well.

Feel free to reach out if interested
SilverGhost#1156 Bnet

just gonna drop this here:

Stoic (est. 2003) has grown into a group of gamers primarily focus on mythic progression raiding in World of Warcraft. We transferred from Proudmoore (and Alliance!) at the end of BFA. We are a LBGTQ-friendly and inclusive guild, and value teamwork, respect, and being awesome. We are dedicated to building a community that supports each other and allows for lasting friendships within the guild.

One of the goals of Stoic is to be the antithesis of pervasive culture that has come to light recently in Activision Blizzard. The community we have built really tries to be a haven for those people who are at the biggest risk of being ostracized in the gaming community. We stand with all Blizzard employees, especially women, in particular women of color and transgender women, nonbinary people, and other marginalized groups.

If you have friends already in the guild, or are interested in making new friends with us, contact any officer about joining as a Friends & Family member.

Otherwise, if you are interested in mythic raiding, we ask that you put in an application using the google form below. Please read further for more details!

Stoic has two mythic raid teams, Wipes at 1% (5/10M) and DVA (4/10M), as well as an AOTC team, and a weekly Friends & Family raid night, and we are recruiting skilled players for Shadowlands!

If you’re interested in Wipes at 1% (5/10M), head over here .

DVA (4/10M SoD)
Now recruiting:

Death Knight (DPS) with flex tank skills
Druid (Balance) with a willingness to flex to Resto if needed
Monk (Windwalker or Brewmaster)
Shaman (Resto)

  • raids Tuesday, Thursday, 7pm-9pm PST, Sunday 6pm-9pm PST (7 hours / week)
  • This team started raiding in Legion, and its notable progression includes Antorus CE, Uldir 6/8M, Battle for Dazar’alor CE, and 9/10M CN
  • Recruitment officer: zerolove#1716 (bnet), zerolove#1337 (discord)

Another guild collapsed, still looking for a home. Open to server transfers, mainly looking to get as many bosses as possible in before 9.2

^I sent in an application for the wipes at 1% but never heard back.

Hi Rensi,

We are currently 5/10 mythic and working on painsmith. We are looking to bolster our roster for painsmith and 9.2. Hit me up on battle.net: slegEr#1552 or Discord slegEr#2069.
We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8-11 pm eastern time.

Thank you