[H] 247 ilvl Shaman + a few friends looking for mythic raiding guild

Hi, myself and a few of my friends are looking for a guild to start progressing into mythic raiding preferably horde side on the Bloodlust Battelgroup, that is US Sen’Jin, Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Dunemaul, Maiev, Quel’dorei, and Stonemaul. We are available to raid nights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello! In the off-chance that you’re still looking for a group, my guild is looking for a DPS or two and a tank to flesh out our roster! Currently we’re 3/10M and we raid Fridays 9pm-12am EST and Sundays 4-7pm EST; we’re located on Wyrmrest Accord. You can read more about our guild below, and if you wanted to get in touch you can reach me at cloe.nd#2073 via Discord. Regardless, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a fantastic day.

Hi Blitz,

I don’t know if you’ve already found a new home, but if you’re still on the hunt, feel free to give us a look. My guild < Part Time Heroes > on Hyjal is a casual raiding guild. Our Heroic Raid Team is focused on getting AotC and a handful of Mythic Bosses before the tier is finished. We are currently 9/10H and 1/10M and we could use a couple more raiders to help us reach our goal!

Our raid days/times are T/W 8-11pm PST. Not sure if that aligns well with what you’re looking for, but if you can swing the times, we may be a good fit! If you’re interested, I’d love to chat!

My Btag and a link to our guild post are below. Hoping to hear from you soon! Thanks!