[H] 2/10M Resto Druid LF Mythic Prog Guild

Hey everyone,

Looking for a progression guild for my Resto Druid (Wanting to go back to Horde). Days and times don’t matter to me, but would prefer to end by 12am EST at the latest. I’ve been a progression raider for many years, CE’ing in previous expansions. Would love to find a guild horde side that have the same mentality as myself when it comes to raiding: Kill bosses, no drama. Active in M+ is a plus.

Side note: I can play any healer needed, my druid is the only one who is currently raid ready for progression.

Logs available upon request, please leave them spam below and I’ll reach out if I’m interested :slight_smile:

[H] (1/10M 8/10H) Area 52

Currently recruiting all exceptional roles for mythic progression. Led by 15+ year veterans.

Raid times: Sun/Mon 9pm-12am EST
Optional normal/sale/alt clear night: Tues 9pm
RBG’s- Tuesday 9pm
Plenty of M+ on off nights!

Wow Progress: w ww. wowprogress. com/guild/us/area-52/Maximum+Eff%C3%B8rt

To contact: Bnet- Dsnyder#1748

What up friend,

You’d really be the perfect fit for us so we can dive into mythic :slight_smile:

Hey there friend :slight_smile:
is 8/10H wanting to finalize our roster to progress into Mythic. A few of us do keys throughout the week and spam arenas with whoever wants to come. We were 4/10H at the start of the week, we progressed 4 extra bosses :slight_smile:

BTag: Nelthalor#1140

We raid Tues/Thurs 7:30-11:30 PM EST