[H] [2/10 M] LF dps and heals

Hiya! Our guild, Dsylxiec, is a tight knit casual group of raiders ranging in age and experience- we are super welcoming to all kinds of new people! We have AOTC and are currently progging mythic (2/10 m); we are looking for raiders and subs for our mythic team, and we are happy to help you get heroic gear or learn the fights. We value people who are willing to learn and work as a team.

Who: Dsylxiec

Where: Hordeside Gurubashi (server)

When: We raid 7-10pm PST every Tuesday and Saturday

Age: Everyone is welcome! Current group ranges from early 20s to late 30s.

We also do mythic dungeons together and just generally hang out! Feel free to message me if you’re interested or want more information.

Discord: Fay#5040
BT: drPepper#11156