[H] 207 ilvl Holy Paladin (1/10M, 10/10H CN)

I’m looking for a Horde guild with hours in range of ~ 8pm - 1am CST - flexible on days of the week, prefer 2-3. US 200 experience - looking for competitive guild for CE push in CN.

Experienced Holy Paladin, most recently achieved CE in Ny’alotha (12/12M.)

Willing to play Resto Shaman for some fights (will need gear, current 189 ilvl.)

Bumping this for interest

hey will love to have a chat with you. mind contacting me on discord? Bakuga#1745

Lets have a chat.

Hello I would love to speak with you Lòca#1475 Bnet

In need of an H Pal to add to our healing core. Add me on discord RealPicsOnly#4722