[H] 200 fury warrior LF casual raiding guild, have a friend as well

Hey everyone. I am looking for a casual raiding guild to do normals and up in that has fun for me and my friend to join.

I have a ilvl 200 fury warrior, 195 disc priest and 190 ret paladin, as well as a few other not fully geared chars, and my friend plays a 185 boomkin and prot paladin.

We’re pretty casual, and he gets chemo once every other week, so there are weeks in which he can’t join, but I want to find a guild that we can play with, have fun with, and occasionally jump into fun content with.

If you are interested in chatting with me, reach out to me at Novaprospekt-Burning Blade or GohanNC15#1827.

Hope everyone that reads this has a great evening! :).