[H] 177 Resto druid LF guild

Can do Mon-Weds 6-11PM EST, Thurs Fri Sat Sun im open ao all times

Would like to push mythic and CE

please add me on discord proxi#0001 or bnet space#12928

bump to the top, happy tuesday

updated availability times

Hey there Naestru, contact me if interested!

Raid Times/Days: Friday, Saturday 7pm - 11pm PST

Current Progression: New guild created for the current expansion, several members with previous mythic raiding experience. Looking to complete AOTC every raid tier and push into mythic to attempt CE within our raiding window

Recruitment Contacts: Bnet: Keling#1988 / Discord: Raddasan#5705

Discord: discord.gg/xzA7EWWTgw

Needs: Currently looking to fill all roles as we are a new guild. Experienced and new players are all welcomed! Requirements will increase over time once we are established, but we are currently only requiring that players are working towards developing their characters throughout each reset!

in need of healer for Fri/Sat CE group 7-10pm CST, would like to see some valuable logs if you app. Have a good one~

[H] 12/12M WEEKDAY & WEEKEND! 6 & 7PM CST STARTS! LF HEALER FOR WEEKEND - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)