[H] 16 year Guild <TC> SoD 7/10M 10/10H LF DPS/Heals

Formerly [A] On Lightbringer we are no on [H] on the illidan server. TC was founded in May 2005 and has been a top guild from inception, obtaining most cutting edges. We are in a rebuilding phase and are a bit more relaxed but still attempting for CE this tier.

We are going to be raiding Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30-12:30 am EST. We will be having an optional run on Mondays at the same time, which is reserved for sales, achievements, or normal/heroic clears during mythic progression.

Even if we are not looking for your class we always accept any exceptional applicants.

Balance Druids
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman

Windwalker Monk
Death Knights

Disc Priest
Holy Paladin

Recruitment Officer - Kaiksine#1872 Bnet, Enomina#2039 Discord
GM - Xellos#1969 Bnet, Xellos#3150 Discord

Thank you and hope to hear from you!

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Looking for some range dps

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