[H] 1/10M 241 Shadow Priest LF CE Guild

Hey dudes, currently searching for a guild which will achieve CE in the US100-200 range.

Prog: 10/10H, 1/10M (The Nine)

Item Level 241, 3 Set Unholy.

Ideally I’d like to raid @ 8-11PM EST, though could potentially also raid till 12AM EST.

Discord: emerz#5026

Guild: Envelop
Team: Free Repairs
Faction: Horde
Server: US-Illidan

Have you ever considered 1 night raiding?

7 - 11p CT

Progression: (at the time of this post)
10/10N | 9/10H | 1/10M

Recruiting DPS:

  • DH
  • DK
  • Druid
  • Monk
  • Priest

Recruiting Healers:

  • Paladin
  • Priest (Disc or Holy)

The Free Repairs team in Envelop was formed at the start of Shadowlands with only one goal – clearing as much content as possible, all in one night. Because of our one night schedule, we appeal to many diverse individuals. Whether your job or spouse won’t allow a hardcore raiding schedule anymore, we’ve got you covered.

All players who apply should understand, just as many other mythic teams - we have a roster of more than 20 raiders. This implies that you may not be brought to each and every pull on progression. We will always bring the best available composition/players so we can have the highest chance of success.

More Info/Apply:

Still looking.

I think we’d be a perfect fit! Check us out :slight_smile:

Appreciate speaking to those who have reached out, still on the hunt!

Hey, thanks for stopping by.

Ashes of Exile is recruiting two or three more deeps for our mythic progression team. last tier we went 3/10 while rebuilding the core of the guild, and creating the raid environment and community that we want to foster going forward. Looking for a few more people to join us and progress into the new raid while keeping a fun raid atmosphere, which is something we already do this well.

-What we bring to the table.-

We are organized. - We show up to raid prepped and ready to go. We accomplish this by maintaining a consistent discord attendance. At the end of the day we are all adults and have lives we have to manage it is important to respect everyone’s time. We also encourage and assist members with pursuing the highest end of content. Including KSM and completing 14+ keys. Mythic raiding and some pvp!

Effective Raiding- First week of SoD we successfully cleared 3/10H and 5/10N while we had some players absent, In Castle Nathria we cleared 3/10M while revising our roster and tying up loose ends. Our goal is to push as far as we can every tier. We Raid T/Th 8:30 to 11:30 EST. Trying to maintain wow/Life balance with 6 hours of raiding a week.

We Have fun- the point of the game is to have a good time, if you can do that raiding with us then awesome, if not do what you enjoy.

We Kill Stuffs (and things)- Our goal is to kill bosses, log in and use our time effectively during raid to actually down bosses and progress.

Community- We enjoy gaming together outside of wow too. when there is a lul in content we spend more time in other games and doing what piques our interest at the time, and we do lots of these other games together. I think this is eve more important these days. to have a place you have friends in wow and in other games.

Memes- We even make our own, check out our discord if you want to see more.

-What do you bring?-

Be well versed in what you’re offering in terms of class knowledge, be prepared, admit mistakes and if you’re unsure ask questions.


All outstanding candidates will be considered. We are mainly in need of ranged pew pew. We are interested in a mage and a shadow priest however if this sounds like somewhere you would like to raid apply anyway.

-Contact Us-
Feel free to add me on discord Vul#8209 or Bnet at Vul#1274, its great to be able to hop on discord for a few to chat, if you see other guild members online you can say hi and they will put you in contact with us too!

Current Prog: 10/10N 5/10H

Still on the hunt

2/10M 8/10H SoD. Recruiting Spriest(disc os) + Mage + Ranged dps for 9.1 Mythic Prog! Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm EST.