Guys, I got suckered

Managed to score this out of impulse and opportunity.

GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce RTX 3070 DirectX 12 GV-N3070AORUS M-8GD 8GB 256-Bit GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 x16 ATX Video Card, GIGABYTE GP-P750GM 750W Full Modular Active PFC Power Supply

$599 for the GPU
$129 for the PSU
-$30 off

  • Free year of GeForce Now…which is kinda useless.

$761 OTD

Pros - I got a good GPU
Cons - I got a PSU I never would have bought and do not need; the PSU probably sucks, I’ll never use GeForce Now, and this is one of the most expensive RTX 3070’s out there.

I am conflicted.

I know nothing about that particular model, but the PSU should at least be a good backup PSU to keep on hand. Nothing worse than your main PSU going kaboom and putting your PC out of commission for who knows how long.

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The reviews on newegg seem very discouraging, LOL.

I will keep it on hand as an extra (only other is an ancient TX650 in the garage that who knows if it even works at all), put it in a budget build, or perhaps try to sell it off somewhere for $50 or so.

Excited to see the uplift from my XFX 5700 XT RAW II - it should also be much much quieter.

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Me too… my Evga email came in. I’m now a proud owner of a 3080 and I don’t even have time to game for more than an hour a day…


Grats. Other than the pricing. Its a beautiful card and overkill parts. Comes with 4 years warranty too.

The OTD price is as much as a 3080.

Of course, it comes with a PSU. That appears to be pretty crappy and I don’t need.

hold me

Yeah, P750GM got Japanese capacitors on “main”. Couldn’t find any detailed reviews yet.

Newegg reviews appear poor. lol

Wow, so many DOA. lol

Regret has settled in.

I joined this discord to find stock, and have spent the last 4 days being too slow.

I hesitated on some 3080s and failed. I didn’t hesitate on this one. Kinda wish I did now :frowning:

I suppose it’s still possible I could come out ahead on this one if I sold it.

aren’t you in queue for EVGA’s 3080?
If you are, it’ll only be a matter of time before you get yours…maybe the 3080ti will be release during that time frame as well.

You can probably make a quick buck selling the 3070… though you can be a nice guy and just resale it for whatever you bought it for. Probably make a good christmas present for somebody.

PS…I didn’t get the clown lips on my xc3. I told myself I’d get googly eyes if I did. Kinda disappointed but glad it came blacked out.

Yes, but i don’t really like the EVGA models. I don’t want them for the most part.

Been probing Best Buy for FEs and the Gigabyte/ASUS models.

Buy and trade…lots of people trading their FE models + Difference for XC3/FTW3. At least base on what I encounter browsing the forums I browse.

This model “looks” cool.

The LCD can be customized for custom GIFs as well, lol.

Better test it so you can RMA before selling it.

I’ll probably keep it all like a chump and eat the monetary loss.


Or worse yet, the extra PSU will just instigate me into buying more hardware to make another system.

even with the doodoo psu? lol
its okay you haven’t taken a dive into sffpc…i bought a few NCases and Loque Ghost S1 Cases @ 150-250 a pop…
SFX PSU are limited so they also cost like $150-200 each. Already down $300+ before the hefty parts.

budget build baby

I (will) have the following leftover parts:

Poopy PSU
2TB Hard Drive
RX 580

Just need a CPU, motherboard, and RAM.

EDIT: I will prob. move the Vega 64 to my TV gaming PC instead

cross your fingers for Microcenter selling 3600 at $80 like they did for the 1600 and 2600. Justify a trip down to SoCal.