GURT: Wed/Mon 9/12M

The guild is considered semi-hardcore, which is basically a raid group that raids like a family while maintaining the highest-level requirements needed to achieve AOTC/Cutting Edge. We believe in helping one another instead of belittling one another. The guild invests into its player base and we expect the same in return.
Most of our raiders have been with us since the beginning and have no plans to leave due to the camaraderie the guild offers. You can ask any member and they will tell you; they don’t leave because the people are awesome. It’s my family away from my family.

The guild is very active in Mythic+, Raids, Arenas, PvP, Discord, and many other game platforms.

When: Wednesdays/Mondays 8-11pm EST. Currently working on Ilg prog, followed by Raden.

Recruitment Needs:
Tank :
DPS : Any Strong Rdps
Healers :

There is also an optional alt raid on Sundays for those looking to catch up or farm echoes.

Any qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, regardless of class or role.
Minimum Requirements:
Previous AOTC experience
85+ neck level
Running a M+10 or greater each week
Cloak Level 15

What we look for in our raiders:
Openness to improvement
Knowledge of your class, specs, and gearing choices
Accepting personal responsibility
Good communication

What to expect from us:
Cauldrons, vantus runes, repairs, gems, and enchants
Friendly, helpful, and non-toxic environment
Stable guild with strong leadership

Bnet: Mayne#1768
Discord: Tangray/Qanada#8002
Discord: Hulk#4747

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Mon/Wed team is now 5/12M

6/12M, starting on Vexiona this week. Looking for strong rdps. Pretty full on melee but if you are very good we can talk.

7/12 and working on Drestagath.

8/12M (Drest down)

Looking for a healer, tank, and/or rdps.

Updating needs
RDPS: Lock, BM, Spriest, Fire Mage (would consider other rdps if logs were very good)

Still looking for rdps to keep pushing.

Looking for rdps to keep progging.