Guild <Watch Party> 12/12H Goin into Mythic!

Server: Hyjal
Raid time: 8pm-12am est SAT
Looking to add an extra day to the raid shortly waiting to fill and see what will work best for everyone!

We are currently recruiting to fill out the last few spots on our mythic raid team! We are 12/12H with some 7/12M experienced members on the team. This is going to be our first week of mythic prog come join the fun and kill stuff! Also recruiting for shadowlands and any casual members who want to join so dont be afraid to reach out!

Looking for: 5 DPS 2 Heals
3-RDPS (Mage,Lock,Bm,Boomkin) 2-MDPS (War, Rouge, Dk) Heals(Any)

You can contact me @:

Yes come join us.

An abundance of fun is waiting!

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