Guild recruitment; Sun/Mon 9pm - 12am

Meat Vendor : Guild located on Yojamba alliance. most of the guild is AUS/ NZ with some members elsewhere. -all English speaking, discord voice coms.

8/10 is currently LFM to fill out our growing roster, currently a 26 man team, looking for reliable players that fit well into the team.

Preference: recruiting Warlocks + Ret Pal , however all competent and reliable players are welcome to trial.

Raid times are Sun/Mon at 9PM-12AM.

Any fresh lvl’ed 70 will be assisted with gear, enchants and attune.
our guild is very friendly and happy to help guildies with enchants and runs.

please add my bnet

  • Gorjuss#1360 if you wish to enquire further.

Thank you and hope to see you :smiley: