Guild Recruitment **Ashes of Envy**

Ashes of Envy (Area-52 (H)) is a Semi-Hardcore Raiding guild focused on earning AOTC and pushing MYTHIC raid progression. We offer a relaxed environment for mature like-minded raiders looking to see end content at its finest.

  • Raid Nights: Friday and Saturday 9 P.M. – 12 A.M. Server
  • Looking for the following Roles/Classes:
    • DH/ (Tank/DPS)
    • Shaman (Restoration/HPS)
    • Druid (Balance/DPS)
    • Mage (Fire or Frost/DPS)
    • Monk (Wind walker with Brew master off spec. Tank/DPS)

This Guild promotes a fair judgment free zone where people can have fun playing the game. We pride ourselves in offering a family ideal and bring WoW back to its roots in helping new people learn and giving people with higher experience a place to do what they do best! If you are interested, please reach out to the GM Zeph. Battle tag and Discord tag listed below.

Blizzard Battle Tag: Darkpenguin#1870

Discord Tag: Zeph#2257

Hey!!! I can raid!!! I kill all the boars!!! lvl 10 warrior… flex


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If you have any questions please let us know!

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We will gladly accept you if you want to join! <3

Join us at once!

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There is still time to join before Friday’s raid!

!bump (Let us know if you have any questions)