Guild Message of the Day!

Not sure if this is bug or a side effect of the patch.

I’ve been getting spammed by my own guild and Message of the Day.

This is my own personal guild purely for 15 minute hearth and storage. I have never typed a Message of the Day, and just now I’m noticing every time I log into an alt in that guild, it’s spamming me with 4 message of the Day Messages.

There is nothing typed into Message of the Day at all, never has been and I’ve has this guild for over 10 years.

Is the only way to turn this off by unchecking guild in chat settings? I mean it’s not an issue to do that because I don’t chat in guild because it’s just me, I talk to myself enough IRL, don’t need to be doing that in game too in my guild! But it’s a bit of a pain to maybe have to do that on every character that’s in the guild.

Anyone else experience this? Are these Message of the Day a template from Blizz?


This just started happening to me randomly as well, this guild is just my friend and I and I know she isn’t on at this time of day, was getting login messages about people who aren’t even in the guild. Looked them up they are in other guilds, so it has to be some kind of huge chat window bug.

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I am in a guild that uses the GMotD, and I keep getting spammed other people’s guild messages - if I look at our info, our message has not been changed. The last one included the discord info and facebook group of a guild on a totally different server (that does appear to exist.) Something screwy for sure!


There must be some bug going on. I got freaked out because I got three guild messages of the day saying “Your guild bank has been cleaned out” and then a few other vulgar messages after. Somehow it even spammed me that “You are not in a guild”. However, when I checked the message hadn’t been changed and nothing was taken. This is a guild that only I am in as well.

and when I said bug I meant exploit. The messages that I got were clearly from a bad actor trying to cause mischief or worse at the very least

Same here, I noticed this the other day, my guild is not a personal one either. “We have been inactive for a long time, thanks for logging in <3” is one of them. It concerns me that others here are getting vulgar ones though, members are going to think their guild leaders have gone crazy and leave.

this must be what happened to me. I have a guild that’s just me and a small group of friends, and just logged in and got a message of the day even though we don’t have one atm. the weird part is it didn’t even give it to me when I logged in, it only sent after I used my Hearthstone to Valdrakken.

the last person to log in except myself, was almost a week ago (ironically it was the only other person in the guild with permission to change the message), but I asked them and they said they didn’t change it, and I think I would have noticed the message at some point over that week anyway. everyone else has been offline for 5+ months, and it didn’t really seem like anything someone in the guild would say. it wasn’t like mean or against ToS or anything, but we’ve mostly just used the motd for bad jokes and puns lol

it didn’t spam me with it tho, it just sent once.

This is a wild bug! One of the Guild Messages of the Day I just got hit with even included the name of their guild. The guild’s name is a Latin phrase, so it was like:

Guild Message of the Day: <[Latin phrase]>: [English translation] Hope Everyone has a Blessed Day!"

Another was clearly a PvP guild:

Guild Message of the Day: “Go tea bag some alliance. Come one, come all and drag a ball as we T-bag some Plebs today.”

I guess be careful about what you write in your GMotD; it’s not private anymore!

I got spammed them, but it was more was just sent a BUNCH vs. the same one over and over. Must have got nearly 15 in a row…
Edit: I was on an alt that wasn’t even in a guild when it happened to me.

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Yeah, something definitely up.

Just got one myself, a relatively harmless line for which ever guild this was, just talking about life being good because they’re a pirate, or something, which I assume either is a pirate themed rp guild, or just a general plunderstorm related MotD. But, had me double checking that I didn’t sign a random guild charter. Given I really haven’t been in any retail guilds since Cata, and certainly not on this character. Outside of signing random charters for bank alt guilds and promptly leaving, that is.

Same thing happened to me today - had notifications that a “friend” logged in, but no one with that character name was on my friends list. Then got the GMOTD from other guild, then a notification that someone else had logged off.
I was nervous but now I see I’m not the only one. Any news on this issue?

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I just got this too, some random fluff message about being good enough or something. Definitely disconcerting when you’re in a guild by yourself. I’d encourage anyone getting this bug to report it. It may be an innocent bug, but just in case it’s something more nefarious, it helps if they understand the scope.

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This just started again in my guild. Random MotD changes just now.

I got a guild message welcoming me to Mafioso (not my guild), then my guild message (unchanged for years), and then a third one congratulating the guild on getting 5/8 H down (my guild has zero raid progress) and a happy halloween…

For those this is happening to:

  1. Do you have toons in different guilds?
  2. Has the toon you experienced this behavior with been in other guilds?
  3. If “yes” to either, are the extraneous guild messages from guilds you are, or were in?

It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation.

Yeah, I’m getting spammed with guild messages of the day and don’t even have one set for my guild. One said to message their guild leader if you see this. Tempting…

Bunch of unexpected guild messages were showing up for me as well this evening. I also saw the name of a person go offline and they weren’t even in our guild. Something really strange is going on.

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I was so confused when this occured.
I’d returned from Plunderstorm and upon the switch to WoW once more, I was met with random GMotD spam that had me do a double take.

Checked that I was still in my guild - I was.
Checked with the guild Discord - people were confused and I was currently the only one to notice this.

It disappeared when I closed the game and re-entered it and has not been seen since. No idea what summoned it as none of my characters have been in a guild for over a decade.

…still kinda freaked out honestly.

One of my guildmembers had this happen today in our guild and took a screenshot of it. It also posted someone not in our guild logging off. The message was disgusting and I had to double check our GMOTD which never actually changed.