Guild member getting harassed by mail and whispers

If the ignore function isnt working that means there account hopping and thats is a actionable offense as ongoing harrassment she should open a ticket immediately as long as she not responding at all blizzard will take apropriate action.

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i can def confirm that the stalker is account hopping ( i don’t know why he would pay for so many accounts just to follow the guildmate ) and she has put in plenty of tickets, but all she gets back from blizz is to continue to put the dude on ignore along with mail.

You would be surprised unfortunately blizzard only relies on the person being affected i believe.

The person affected (and only them) will need to put in an Ongoing Harassment ticket if they are continuing to get unwanted contacts from a player they have specifically placed on /ignore.

It is of utmost importance that your guildmate places all of the offending characters on /ignore & must not (under any circumstances) reply to them in any way. Otherwise, it is no longer viewed as unwanted harassment and is then viewed as a wanted two-way conversation.


I understand Kyzera and I thank you for responding to my forum post, I will let my guildmate know that she needs to continue to submit tickets,

Also I would like to mention that this has been going on for about 7 to 8 months now and tickets and ignoring is all she has been doing, are there any other solutions that we can move forward with and advise her to keep doing till this player either goes away or gets banned?


My guess is that this has to do with a certain thread from the General Discussion (GD) forums.

If so, I read the entire thing and here’s my advice as a long-time poster here in the CS forums:

First and foremost, if a player is placed on ignore, not only does it ignore that person (and their account) but all the mail from it too. The only real exception to that might be deleted characters. So if the ignored person deletes the character that’s been ignored, I believe it removes the ignore.

That said, she really needs to follow this advice:

  1. Do not respond to the other player in any way. Despite some “suggestions” from GD, neither she nor any guildmates should reply at all to this person. They (everyone this other player contacts) NEED to have this person on ignore, no excuses.
  2. The report in the mail option is NOT the same as reporting ongoing harassment. A ticket needs to be put in every single time this person contacts your guildie. Every time. And it has to come from her.
  3. If this other player really has someone else in the guild and they want to find them, they need to document everyone in the guild and kick anyone they don’t “know”.
  4. For those involved, they need to have a good read over the following Blizz post:
    Spotlight on: Harassment

Blizz would not let this go on for so long if the right steps are being taken. Please be sure to have your guildie read this and the link above. It’s important if they really want this to stop.


As Darthwraith indicated, if she is placing the person on ignore, and they are circumventing it by using other accounts, that can fall under ongoing harassment. I’d encourage her to submit a ticket using that category.

It is important that she place any new character/account on ignore as well as we need to establish a pattern of behavior.


Perl I thank you for the response,

Yes this is the same post from General Discussion,
1:she will not respond to the player no matter what i have already told her that and she is doing a great job at it.

2:i am fully understanding that mail is NOT the same as the ticket and i will have her to continue to put in a harassment ticket everytime she gets a whisper or a mail from the stalker.

3:we have been documenting and getting Bnets from everyplayer in our guild ( mind you we are a guild of almost 979 players) so its a slow process as not everyone is on at the same time.

4:and i will read and will post the spotlight to my other GMs in the guild in our discord.

i will have her read this forum when she is feeling alright along with try and take the right steps hopefully with out getting trolled like in general which was a bad idea from our hotheadead guild mate.

again thank you for the reply!


there have been multiple threads from people in this guild in the last few days.

we gave the solid advice of getting the individual to use a throw-away character to post here, in the hope that maybe someone could take a look to see if there was any issue with the way this “victim” is reporting this.

the flat-out refusal to do that, kind of makes me feel like something isn’t quite right here.


Nobully thank you for the reply,

i can 100% assure you she is being harassed, she is a very shy person ( and keeping her self distracted with Animal crossing) she is very stubborn person (due to im dating her lol) i will try and convince her as much as i can to make a fake account just to post on this forum,

now the question is does she need to make a whole new forum post or can she just post here?

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If she wants additional advice from a blue, she’s certainly welcome to post here in this thread (no need for an additional one). But to be honest, at the end of the day, this is one of those sorts of situations that’s pretty, well, sensitive. I’d get why she may not want to post.

Really, the best thing for her to do is report every single time this individual bypasses ignore. That’s the key. Posting here isn’t going to resolve the issue, but may shed some light on further steps she could take.

To be clear, if she chooses to post here and wants to make a new account to conceal her identity, she should still make it in her name. Otherwise, the blues here will see two different names and provide nothing more than has already been said. Even then, there’s not a whole lot they can likely add beyond “report and ignore”.

It’s the kind of report that’s most important. It has to be an Ongoing Harassment report. Not a right-click, report for language or reporting in-game mail as spam/etc.


she’s posting right now… in one of the other threads.

it was suggested that she post here, to see if there is any issue with the reporting method… due to the loud claims of blizzard doing nothing about harassment. (which now seems to be edited out of the original post from a few days ago)

[edit] i’m not even sure if it’s the same people anymore…
exactly the same backstories, co-ordinated timing, the thread created by the guildies claims reports have been ongoing, the other thread claims harassment but eventually goes on to say they haven’t reported anything.

i’ll just mooove along. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Perl thank you again for replying.

Again i will continue to let her know to just ignore whispers that she gets, and continue putting in ongoing harassment reports in.

I will suggest to her to make an appearance on this forum post, but not gonna force it on her for at the end of the day Im dating her and not really trying to upset my S/o.

( i thank everyone who has given some advice (this is one of my ever first forum posts since iv been playing wow so not sure if this post just stays open for ever or if there is something i need to do to close this post down) hope every single one of you have a great night/day)


If there is a recurrence of misbehavior that she wants to report via Ongoing Harassment, ask her to include date and time info in the report.

In a world full of photoshop, Blizzard doesn’t accept screenshots as evidence so manually entering the date and time of the event can expedite their log searches.

Why is she opening more then one ticket.

Is she using an ignore-extender? (an add on that lets you ignore more than the Blizzard default number)
Blizzard does not have access to the names stored in it if she is using one. That means Blizzard may not be able to detect that she has this troll on ignore. It also would not block mail from the problem account. If she is using one, she may need to remove it to get the issue properly addressed.


Ignore doesn’t block mail, even if you’re not using a block extender.
EDIT: Clarified my post slightly.

I believe it is supposed to hide it, so it’s invisible?

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…Considering I received a 1 day ban for sending mail to someone who had me on ignore (who had also sent me multiple hate messages via chat after said ignore no less than a day prior), I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

Actually, not being able to see a mail that you have received the notification (minimap icon) for is a result of having the sender on /ignore.

So according to Blizzard, it does still send but remains hidden while the person has you on /ignore. They can, of course, remove you from /ignore, read it and then add you back.