Guild is moving, need a new home

My guild is moving servers and I have no desire to move again. I am looking for a big guild that is fun, laid back, does mythic + and has some RP. I occasionally raid but am not looking for a hardcore raid guild. I will not move servers. I have a monk that is ilvl 197 dps as my main, and an at blood dk at 187/188 ilvl.

Always a rough time when your guild up and moves, but not to worry! There’s plenty of options to be had!

I really wish you’d been hanging around this past Sunday. We had dozens of guilds in the Drag recruiting for new members. And not just RP guilds. If you want to come check out the server to see who’s still recruiting and what they have to offer, come check us out.

In the mean time, good luck with your search!