Guild griefing Isle of Conquest on stream

Customer support is here for a reason, Nephe.

I was in that match when it started, stuck around for a bit and they were griefing the entire Horde team by camping the graveyard and not actually finishing Isle of Conquest. I left, did some other stuff for a while, requeued for another battleground, and it placed me back in the same match. They are breaking the Horde epic battleground queue as well by constantly placing new players into a game that never ends.

The entire thing is also being streamed on their Twitch channel. Absolutely unacceptable.

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Customer Support is not Customer Service. This forum is one for players to assist other players. It is not an intermediary to speak with a GM or a way to bypass the ticketing and reporting systems. In fact, there are no GMs on this forum, only our SFAs.

Call outs are against the rules, so the guild name needs to be removed.

This has already been brought up in other threads here though. You can right-click and report these people, but reports are not taken over this forum, or any forum.


of course they do.
…but a response is going to take a couple of days.

regardless, i’m not sure i see the issue.

if players aren’t coordinated enough to fight back, and they choose to keep resing, that’s on them.

walk away from the gy and stop respawning

eventually they’ll get as bored as everyone else and finish the game.


The issue is the endless reinforcements replenishment from the Quarry / Refinery, which the other team has their players on the Hordeside capture. People get demoralized and go ghost to try and get them to stop, and the reinforcements keep replenishing. Their most recent game ended with the highest honorable kill count at 857, in a battleground with a max of 400 reinforcements.

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I fully understand your PoV here. However, there is no right way to play a BG.

If they want to farm kills at the graveyard, that is their prerogative. There are no set rules against this…

Thisnunfortunatelynis not a CS issue as had been pointed out. This is more. Adev issue.

Your post would be better off in the BG forum so some devs might see your concerns or in the in game suggestion. It sounds like you are looking for a fundamental change in the way the BG works. That is how you get your request seen.


May wish to read the sticky on top of the forum, namely Welcome to the Customer Support Forum!

Mainly this part here:

As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative contact point for In-Game, Technical or Account Support. To request assistance, please contact our customer support staff directly through our Support Site


Oh I already went through all of this before, now it’s the OP’s turn. I’ve already utilized all of my means necessary to bring attention. You’re just gonna get spillover here because of people who are unaware of this section’s uses, like I was :rofl:

Edited because I am not Gollum, and “sections’s” is a hilarious goof up

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Still doesn’t hurt to point them in the right direction. More players more eyes so to speak.

Might have been yours I had in mind making last post haha.


You being stuck in IoC is a you issue because you don’t want the debuff. Which is faster - finishing the Battleground or waiting out the debuff?

You have the solution, you just don’t want to use it.

Unlikely to happen.

They aren’t breaking the rules, why would they be banned?

Leave the Battleground.

For what? They aren’t breaking the rules.


If it’s what I think it is, they can’t. They insta kill at the grave yard and take specific spots so they constantly gain resources and have 2 to 3 hour games by abusing it. They are in discord and coordinate in order to keep it locked down in such a way so they can honor farm without resistance.

thing is he can leave, wait for deserter to fall off, and que again to be thrown right back into the same BG he left before deserter.

or they could go merc mode, and that wouldn’t happen.

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And Blizzard isn’t going to action accounts upon requests - one not wanting to use the things they have like leaving, using merc mode, etc, isn’t grounds to action other folks.

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All good, people see customer support and probably immediately think of a phone call help center - I know I did. Leilleath helped me out tremendously to understand why I was wrong to post it here and guided me in the right direction, which is why she got a :heart: from me here for being awesome again!


For all those inquiring as to where you can voice your displeasure about the situation and more details as to what is going on, please go to Upcoming Changes to the Ashran, Isle of Conquest, and Wintergrasp Epic Battlegrounds .


If you don’t agree with what they are doing why are you promoting their activity by suggesting watching their stream?


It’s enough information to look them up. By giving that information you up their viewership.

That method hasn’t worked on reducing botting. Or any of the PvP activities that players don’t like.

Drop out of the Battleground. Go at another time. Use Mercenary-mode if it’s available. Blacklist IoC. There are lots of solutions. If you personally know when their stream happens, avoid that time-frame. Lots of ideas that don’t involve giving enough information without giving people enough information to Google them.

PvP solution to a PvP issue.
Why not just beat them and win the BG ?

That’s not specific at all. What are they doing exactly? Unless they’re doing something that bypasses the intended functionality of the game content, then it’s not actionable.

Blacklisting battlegrounds was removed, see . You could absolutely go at another time, however that does not dissuade from the fact that they are blatantly bypassing an artificial timer in the game to repeatedly kill people. Once they get ahold of the map, they sit a group at spawn to kill you when you zone in and then keep the rest of the siege vehicles at the waterside graveyard and bombard it with siege weapons. Anyone that survives the salvo (siege weapons have no limit to targets they can hit) is hunted down (most players die in two salvos - combined with mass snares and you can’t live long enough to do any damage to the vehicles). Since half the team is sitting in ghost mode (goaded on by their streamers in the opposite faction’s chat) those 10-15 that cycle in and try are quickly beaten into submission, and can’t die fast enough to counter the resource gain from the Quarry and Refinery.

I did go merc mode last night and helped lead an Ashran to victory for alliance, but it is just as jarring playing Alliance (I have no interest in this) as it is inconvenient for these people to do Wargames (because they want to endlessly farm Horde, not each other). An amicable solutions to both parties is removal of the resource generation or a time limit - personally I feel the resource generation removal would allow them to farm to their content without clogging the Epic BG queue for hours (you can burn over an hour waiting for the queue [avg of 15 mins] to find out you got in this group, afk out and wait 15 more minutes for deserter to drop only to re-enter the same battleground due to the cycle of that 10-15 players afking out over and over).

Also, your reasoning was sound so I removed any hopefully tell tale information, however at this point it is well known who is doing it I’m afraid.