Guild Achievement "A Class Act" Not Updating

Terenas Realm, Horde Guild

We are trying to get the Guild Achievement “A Class Act” before TWW Pre-Patch starts.

It was a Horde Faction Guild, so the characters we are trying to have contribute to this achievement are all Horde races, with no history of Faction Changes ever having occured.

Currently, we have a Zandalari Hunter, a Nightborne Mage and a Pandaren Monk that are all level 70, and Revered, Revered and Honored with the Guild respectively, yet for 6 days the Achievement “A Class Act” has not updated for any of our guild members when viewing Guild Achievements. We click the “Track” button, and it also shows those three classes are not yet meeting the requirements to count towards the achievement.

If this isn’t fixed by the launch of TWW Pre-Patch, then we’ll have to level all of the classes to 80 instead of 70, which while not impossible would be a pain, especially since we did what the Achievement required of us now, and it’s not our fault that the Achievement isn’t granting the proper credit.

Please get this fixed Blizzard, please please pretty please!!!


I too am having this issue as well with my guild.

Guild: Atlantis Phantom Spectre
Realm: Proudmoore

I leveled up a warrior as a timerunner and when I got to max level with it it didn’t get counted towards the achievement. Thinking that timerunner characters doesn’t count, I leveled up a normal character and again the achievement doesn’t update. Both characters were exalted by the time they hit max level.

Would be great if this can get fixed before the pre-patch so we wouldn’t have to wait until all classes are at level 80 instead of level 70.

I’ve been reporting this on these forums and in game for a few weeks now and have had mixed responses from the GM’s. Some will tell you that the latest patch raised the level cap to 80 (even though we cannot reach 80 yet) and it’s working as intended. Some will tell you that Blizzard is aware of the issue but no fix is planned. This is the latest response I got…

Specialist Game Master Neoici here to help!

Thanks for reaching back out. So, I’ve had a further look into this and our Developers are currently investigating this issue, while at the moment we as Customer Support do not have a workaround nor can we grant these achievements to you, all we can advise to do currently is to wait, and hopefully The WoW Team will have this fixed soon.


If they raised it to level 80 in 10.2.7 that would have been ridiculous. I could understand raising it to 80 in 11.0 because that is technically the beginning of the new expansion, but to raise it during Dragonflight… I’m sure there are others like us who is trying to level up characters for their guilds to get this achievement before the pre-patch drops so they can get the cloak unlocked before the level raises.

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We are also having this issue in Daughters of Duras in Draka/Suramar. One of the characters is not a timerunner, Chwefror-Draka. The rest are timerunners; Mehefin-Draka, Dysgu-Suramar, Gwenynen-Draka, Prynhawn-Draka, Penderfynu-Draka and Llysiau-Suramar. Hopefully this is fixed before 11.0, so, as the OP said, we don’t all have to get to 80 before it counts. Thanks in advance for your help, Eiandha-Draka

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