Guess what hunters!

5% aura buff when our problem is in the skill tree they messed up… and tac reload being USELESS, especially when compared to DT.


So BM hunter will see no difference I guess

BM will see a difference in everything except the 4 set specific kill commands after barbed shot.

KC does good damage anyway and will be getting a 5% overall buff. So every kc that’s not augmented by the 4 set will be stronger than they are today.

Plus barbed shot getting 5% with everything is even bigger than the 4set nerf.

If you had to pick 4set at 20% OR all damage increased by 5% (hunter and pet) with the 4set only giving 10%, who in there right mind would pick the first?

This is an overall buff with the 4set modified to not make bm overpowered.

We can be annoyed by lack of progress without also acting like ret paladins and shaman crying forever about “we’re the worst”

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wow i cant wait for mm to be a sustained damage spec like the other 2 god forbid hunter has a spec that is about burst


can someone send a link of where the buffs are posted?


Hunter specific:

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So I guess we take 2pc then to get our versa back?

Does the 5% buff applies to PVP as well?

Yes to everything.

Buffs to MM damage are welcome but I have to agree with this: why is the goal to turn MM into a sustained damage spec? The entire usefulness of that spec, which was limited to begin with, was its burst damage.


I’m a noob. Why are hunters not taking Chimera shot in pvp currently?


Because it’s like an AOE shot whereas typically in PvP that’s not as important as single target burst. I played Wrath Classic before getting back to retail and Chimera shot back then slapped. Especially when you let Serpent Sting build up.

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Mostly cause it only provides split damage for arcane shot when that’s not a significant portion of damage for MM traditionally doesn’t come from arcane shot in pvp. Especially when they still had double tap.

From the change though this would just make chimera shot have split damage and deal 30% more damage then a normal arcane shot in pvp? This would be good for more cleave and spamming chimera shot might lead to high mobile cleave DPS for MM.

It’s hard to tell with so many modifiers in the game hidden, we’ll see on reset.

Chakram/explosive/rapid/aimed is pretty burst wym?

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I am a bit confused. Playing with the talent right now, it hits slightly harder than my regular arcane shot + the extra damage from the cleave. Are you saying it wasn’t taken because that talent point is better used somewhere else for more single target?

With this 30% PvP buff, that means basically the talent is “Arcane shot now hits 30% harder in pvp” which I would assume means its an auto pick for a pvper right?

Please bear with me, I have played hunter for a whole month and its very confusing. Honestly I don’t care much about damage as in PVP anyone who looks at me mean instant kills me.

From the wording yes. It’s kind of confusing since there are many hidden modifiers. But this would appear to just make chimera shot hit 30% harder and hit 2 targets in pvp exclusively.

It could also increase the proc rate of lethal shots since it hits two targets doubling it’s chance to lower the CD of rapid fire per use. Pretty good pick for one talent point. I still wouldn’t call it auto pick since the meat of damage comes from Aimed Shot and Rapid fire. But it’s really really good.

What happens when you shot someone with chimera with no one else around? Does it do double the tap on the single target? I’ve never taken or tried the ability in DF.

I just checked it does not.

I’m gonna be honest. The 4pc for BM in battlegrounds is pretty harsh. I can see why they’re nerfing it. However, removing the only minor burst we have hurts almost as much as taking DT from MM. Lack of defensives and self-sustain is still the biggest issue in PvP.