Guess the Uncrowned will be relocating to Ravenholdt Manor in the end

We remember the Rogue Hall discourse of Legion…

You thought we’d forgotten…

Who do you reckon’d let the Nerubians in?

Dalaran was an inside job.




Rogues have Safe Fall they’ll be alright.


Speaking of Ravenholdt, is it a active server and what’s life like on Ravenholdt server?

I dunno, never been.

I hear it has a McDonald’s somewhere, though.

That’s a better spot for Rogues anyway.

Also don’t forget about Warlocks. The portal will need to go somewhere…

It’s a dead server and forget about it’s RP server status.

I vote just outside of wherever the Vulpera are living right now. Means my demonic army doesn’t have to go far to hunt for food.

In Memory of Ravenholdt! May Blizzard lay her to rest among the lost souls of the Realmlands!