Guardian Tuning Update


  • Guardian
    • Armor from Ironfur increased by 20%.
    • Reinforced Fur now increases Armor from Ironfur by 15% and Barkskin’s damage reduction by 10% (was 8% and 5%).
    • Ursoc’s Fury now grants an absorb shield based on 50% of damage dealt by Thrash and Maul (was 30%).
    • Reinvigoration’s Frenzied Regeneration cooldown reduction increased to 20/40% (was 15/30%).
    • Layered Mane chance to proc increased to 10/20% (was 5/10%).
    • Lunar Beam healing increased by 130% and cooldown reduced to 1 minute.
  • Developers’ notes: We are keeping a close eye on variances in survivability across tank specializations. These changes are intended to alleviate some difficulties Guardian Druids have been experiencing with certain damage types, as well as targeting some underperforming talents which were not delivering meaningful survivability improvements.

This is a work in progress, and we intend to add more tuning adjustments to the list above over the next few days.

Definitely need to fix the bug where TnC doesn’t reduce magic damage.

They could also Consolidate the berserk talents, moving up flashing claws, and scinitlating Moonlight to reduce bloat in the lower part of the tree.

Finally, they should remove the berserk CDR reduction, returning it to 100%.


It’s great that they are acting quickly with buffs but Layered Mane and Reinforced Fur?

No one takes those and buffing the numbers won’t help much.

The buff to Ursocs Fury is good though.

Also, they very likely will not be doing any major talent tree reworks again so soon. So, not expecting that to happen.
Maybe a small tree revamp for 10.1


These are all good changes, but none of them are really the changes guardian needs.

Or is the goal to just face tank magic damage with a larger Ursoc’s Fury absorb? I really wish they would share their rationale for the changes they make and why they are so absolutely set against magic mitigation.

I like that they are reacting quickly to their 10.0.5 flustercluck and that they are trying to make things like Lunar Beam work… but (especially in the case of Lunar Beam) it’s competing with other talents that are practically mandatory.

The tree is bottom heavy and I really hope they look at that.


Extra armor will reduce physical slightly which will allow Ursoc’s to have slightly more room for magic absorbs.

Wow, pretty much useless. I used to try to spam ironfur till raze absorb shields were a thing so I stopped bothering almost all together with trash ironfur due to better ways to use rage then 40 rage ( when you’re already rage starved cause you cant spec into your rage building talents cause S**t is broken) for 10% damage reduction that you cant even tell works. I even went all the way and stopped speccing into moonfire 10% damage reduction cause again cant tell a difference and I would have to spend another talent for double moonfire for it to even be beneficial ( in mythics… I still use it for raids cause 10% on a boss is 10% but when you got a pack of 5 and are trying to single cast moonfires its a bit retarded when its all magic damage anyways) all the while I cant spec into more arcane damage so playing double moonfire feels like a gimped spec when you have no points to spec into arcane damage healing you…and with no points you choose what works. Now you buff ironfur so now if I spec that way I lose out on earthwarden and no point buffing reinvigoration cause no points to spec into it since I now have to go Ironfur and Ursoc. I didnt even mention Lunar beam till now cause we just don’t have enough points to use it and it would be a meme spec. If you got lunar beam you def don’t have things you need. Also still cant take my rage building talents. GG Blizz.


Why not?

Link your build. This is proly where ill end up after. the raze talent can be pulled and used wherever as its not good for single target bosses but good for council and trash. sure i can grab galactic or Blood frenzy but def not both unless im giving up dream of cenarious and to be honest i never play without dream as its been like the best defensive. a free pot every 20 sec is hard to not want. tThats for raid tho id proly do something like this for mythics.
To me tho rage of the sleeper and dream are mandatory.

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no, buffing the shield will make it just 10% weaker during incarn / Beseark vs live 50% weaker as, short of cheesing the remaining CD with like Hero and Power infusion, the 50% nerf to CDR means you get about half as many Thrashes. less thrash damage means less absorbs. but even then, its fairly low on the healing done meter. and isnt anything like ignore pain.

assuming there are no hidden nerfs with the suggested changes, it “might” help get Bears at least close to the next lowest performing tank in M+

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I really wonder if they aren’t pushing for a split build. Our capstones are pretty useless except RotS. The only way to stack dr is to split left and right.
With the changes to armor, I think Ursoc’s will be better for magic dam. But also you really want that 10% damage reduction from moonfires.
Neither is strong enough by itself, but together its…uh ok? I feel a little more solid using a split build right now, but if a healer has to sit and Ursoc’s falls off then getting globalled in the next pull becomes a real danger at some levels.
They just need to add a 10-20% magic dr to ironfur, or bake it into another talent somewhere. I don’t struggle with physical dam near as much as I get trucked with magic. And there’s an overabundance of magic damage in some dungeons.

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Works with Maul too - you don’t even have to focus on Thrash if you don’t want to. Get Raze and Mangle → Raze → Mangle → Raze

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Raze requires you to take raze. and Maul in AoE isnt ideal.
but sure, thats an option if you dont iron fur spam with Thorns of Iron. :dracthyr_uwahh_animated:

True. But with viscous cycle you can always alternate Mangle Maul Thrash

I was also playing around with the idea I’d Thorns of Iron idea haha

I think even 5% Dr per stack of ironfur would go a long way. But I think more online with bear class fantasy would be to bake passive max health into something. Either by fixing mastery, or making something like ursine vigor or whatever that talent is called, a permanent passive.

I don’t necessarily want mark of ursol back, but I do want legion levels of health scaling back. Bear health should be the absolute highest of all the tanks, our thing should be enormous time to live via sheer health, not super high mitigation.

As an aside, I remain sceptical until these changes make it out of ptr. I’m half convinced they nerf the good ones like 50% damage into bubble, and leave us with the Garbo ironfur talent buffs that no one will take.


It seems druids were doing keys up to 20s prior to this update. Not as easily and frequently as other tanks, but doable.

This is a step in the right direction. Maybe still not OP like prot warrior, but better than currently .

Increase guardian druid mastery. Make bear a meatbag again. That’s all I want.


The mastery solution could also be a very viable option. Give us enormous health pools to soak the damage again. The years of mastery nerfing have us with less hp than some other tanks at the same gear level.


Any buff is obviously a welcome buff, but our current weaknesses are:

  1. Very squishy on pull.
  2. Very squishy (in high keys) outside CDs.
  3. Very squishy to magic damage.
  4. Difficulty rotating CDs for some fights. (Hyrja, Umbreskul, etc.)

These might have helped address point #2. Which was the least impactful in the sense that it’s when we all decided to kite. So it already has a solution. But it’s also still a very appreciated change, as getting us to a place where we kite because of mechanics and not because stuff just hits us too hard is a good step.


Well the update did suggest that there will be more to come over the next few days so let’s wait and see

But…. You know…. Raze exists.
It hits harder, and fills those gaps.
You’re getting even bigger shields now than you ever could get just thrash spamming. Even more shields outside of incarn.

If you’re upset about not being able to thrash spam anymore and think that change was a nerf…. You’re doing it wrong.

Thorns of iron is pretty underwhelming, imo.