Guardian PvP Arena

Hey man, not really relevant to this thread but was that you earlier today in 2’s? That’s the first time I’ve seen you in game haha. Was pretty cool. Sorry my friend wanted to play some lame crap :unamused:

Yeah, that was me.

I don’t mind queueing into prot too much as annoying as it is.

The real issue I had with that game was according to my details/combat log, none of my physical damage was being converted to nature damage, and I’ve been having an issue lately where none of my other macros are working either.

Started noticing it with a focus disarm macro for MM. Then again in M+ with focus kick in mists of tirna scythe. Then again when I would pop TEB on your bear form. These are very basic macro’s too. /target arena 1, shift mod on focus target.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to have to figure this out.

You’ll probably see me in 2s a lot more this season. The hpal I was playing with is looking to learn and improve so I’ll probably queue a lot with him.

Man tanks in arena are literally so boring. Games shouldn’t take more than a minute or two imo.

Honestly rogues aren’t even a big issue as feral. You trinket the opener pop bark, survival, thorns which you’d need to be retarded not to be running as a pvp talents. You use kyrian vial with the talent that makes you heal 55% over 10 seconds. You switch to bear form, disorient which will be dodged because of evasion, frenzied regen, trash to prevent the rogue from restealthing without using his kyrian vial.

All goes well and the fotm rogue player half kills himself on thorns, you’ve healed to like 75% because of regen and kyrian vial. Then you switch back to cat form, mighty bash, pop jungle king, shred shred bite, feral frenzy, main, shred shred bite, and either rogue is dead or he’s manged to reset and you’re as good as dead.

Fast and easy with no shenanigans like running tank in arena. That’s weak mindset

Use Incarnation.

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Interesting, well yeah hopefully you do. I for one hate queuing prot lol. Plus you can imagine the irritation we had going against any priest without a dispel :roll_eyes:. Terrible.

I did about 60 games last night as well (in Guardian). I tried sub rogue (but he was 140ilvl and I am 187), feral druid and a warlock as partners. I found almost the exact same problems you did, it was very easy against two melee, very hard against 1 soft heal/melee, and impossible against 2 soft heal or healer/dps. If we got queued against a pally/priest or shaman/priest, or pally/monk it was a loss. For melee, I could 2v1 combos like hunter/rogue, rogue/dk.

There was no way to keep my partner alive more than 10 seconds, while I could live for days. We got down to a strategy of me going in bear, popping incarn and going 2v1 for 30 seconds then having the rogue open up on the primary target to kill.

Hit a ceiling at about 1300 rating and logged for the night…rethinking 2’s