Guardian PvP Arena


Has anyone worked out a viable guardian build that performs well in the arena? I was thinking of building something around legacy of the sleeper. I played around with it today in 2s with a sub rogue and was able to have some success. I wanted to check with this group to see if anyone has put some effort into a similar approach with good returns.


I have heard good things about sleeper with venthyr.

That being said it’s got issues, not the least of which is community perception of tanks in arenas.

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So what’s the issue with tanks in the arena? Is the thought it would be better to role with a healer + DPS over DPS + tank?

What I’ve noticed is that a guardian Druid running legacy is an excellent counter to sub rogues right now (who are absolutely feasting). The inability to be cc’d and the high armor and health makes the fight against the rogue fun- especially when they realize they can’t kill you in the opener.


The thing I’ve ran into is my teammate gets trashed In seconds. They get extremely focused.

Think I’m just going to find a prot pally friend.

Was in an arena tonight 3’s and some random turd was trying to spec shame me calling me toxic and selfish for choosing to play a guardian Druid.

In another match, I held 2v1 against a sub rogue/monk team for quite some time, about go the rogue down, as well as the monk, just didn’t have enough to finish.

I’m using the Necrolord covenant. I have a rank 2 Ursols Fury.

Legacy of the sleepers duration is so short though. 15 secs with a 2.30 sec cd

Maybe if we get multiple legendaries, but that seems really short.

I guess with the new burst meta maybe that would be better, but you would be super screwed if you messed up that window.

The fact that they promote forgiving, slow games. People don’t like that tanks are very hard to kill and often do nothing but stall out games. Dampening metas are the least favorite meta of all serious pvpers. No one wants long games and people think others play tanks simply because they want a spec that’s forgiving with mistakes. And that’s true, they are. It’s just unfun to play against and people don’t like “easy mode” mentalities

No offense by this, I understand the appeal of bears in pvp. I do, it was actually my first “fantasy” when I first started this game. Alas, tanks in this game simply aren’t meant to be in the arena. Only ones that are okay are prot pally and no one likes them either. Bears also just don’t do meaningful dmg most of the time.

Legacy would be 30 sec if paired with incarnation right? Gives a little more wiggle room with that window.

My thought is run with a sub rogue- have their DPS open on me while popping cool downs and incarnation- then rogue jumps on their rogue/other DPS. I can survivor the burst of the rogue, and now we have a 2v1. Obviously this build works best against teams with a rogue (which seems to be about every other team now).

I can’t speak on everyone of all skill sets but in my experience, they’re not going to commit to hitting a bear. They’ll likely wait for the eye and look for your rogue. If they do go you, they’re not going to commit insane cds.

The problem with bears is they don’t have the ability to keep their teammate alive as well as a prot pally nor the damage. They just soak damage and eventually die. They could likely ignore you completely and just kill whomever you’re with.

I just hate getting stunned and burned down in secs. That’s only fun if you’re on the giving end.

Unfortunately and unwisely Blizzard has rarely applied diminishing returns in stuns. No player should be able to be cc’d to death, that’s no fun, and that even still happens as a prot pally or guardian druid.

I personally don’t see how people think that’s fun or high skill.

Tanks take increased damage. Tank + DPS isn’t good because they’ll focus your dps. Tanks in arena are also seen as scum bags by everyone else. If they’re viable at all its because something is broken with the game.

Really good burst with venthyr. Use unchecked aggression as your covenant power. This is in Wpvp, will start arenas with it later this week after work trip.

Rips things apart. People don’t release after dying, I think they are checking their logs to find out what happened.

It will scale incredibly well going forward.

As to tanks in arena, I don’t care what people think about it. They had a more valid point of view when burst was low and games went super long. That isn’t the case in this xpac.

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Got ya. I was wondering if it added a bit more time to it.

Good thing I’m not playing to please others LOL!

Seriously though do people find getting stun locked by a rogue, fist of righteousness from a pally, a MM popping out of stealth with a double tap, an infernal getting dropped on your face and getting CB’d for half to 3/4 your health, sheeped and GP’d…fun???

Maybe none of that is enjoyable to me and I am taking the right to play a hard counter, a long slow fight that wears you out.

Most of the time arena fights are just people humping pillars trying to avoid those things… that to me is fricking boring.

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It’s hard for me to tip toe respond to this. Honestly though man, this is just an experience thing. There are diminishing return on stuns. I don’t know what you mean by “rarely applied.” People have been living go’s for years and years without playing tanks. I’m not trying to be mean but this is a learning thing. What’s not fun is playing perfectly against a tank as they shrug off anything because they’re entire design is created to withstand raid bosses. They could trinket air and just click one of their million defenses and recover. They’re just forgiving and allow far more mpm (mistakes per minute) than any other spec.

All in all do what you want. I’m just saying community perception is bad about them. Good players have abused this like supatese and it wasn’t met well lol.

Edit: to your above post. Honestly man you’re just inexperienced :confused: if you don’t like arena that’s fine but you’re not “hard countering” anything. You’re just dragging the game out for the sake of dragging it out. You’re not likely to actually win and they’re not likely to struggle. You’re simply wasting time. That’s what people see.

If you don’t want cc then what do you want. Just walk at each other, do your pve rotation and whoever does more dmg wins? :/.

No need to tip toe.

I’ve just died way too many times trinketing out of a stun to just get stunned again and die shortly after. That is not fun gameplay for me. What is this skill you speak of when your opponent can quite literally not press anything.

That’s not a skill issue, that’s a game mechanics issue. Some cc is fine…chain cc is not. You should gain a stun immunity after a stun.

You are welcome to your opinion on my skill level and the situation, but I for one am not going allow that to sway how I want to play the game.

I don’t think supatease level of play is at hand here. This isn’t a 1% discussion on viability or community perception.

What did you do after that trinket though? I mean you can’t use hyperbole or vague situations to make claims.

It is a “skill” issue. You may of course debate what “skill” is involved in a game like this but for these purposes I’m referring to knowledge of the game/matchup and reaction speed/competency. I mean to put it bluntly, plenty of people live through, and beat these comps. There is counterplay. If no one could be cc’d more than once, nothing would happen. Getting a stun immunity after a stun is a sentiment almost no one will agree with my man. Just being honest. That’s “dumbing down” the game even more which people don’t like. Its the same mentality, ironically, most tank players have. They want the game to be easier and want to play in a more forgiving environment. They do this to compensate for their lack of “skill.” That’s fine, nothing wrong with more casual people, but it’s certainly not what the more competitive scene wants. WoW arena is about cd trading, positioning, cc, and knowledge. Reaction speeds, etc. Of course playing an immortal juggernaut is fun for that player, but to everyone else it’s exhausting. And again to reiterate, it’s not like they lose those matches. They just get dragged out to 10+ minutes. Everyone hates long matches like that. If you start to queue rated you’ll eventually settle in with your respective skill set and won’t be matched against people of all types like in skirms. Bgs are even worse of an indicator with potions and buffs.

Yeah, I mean you can want to play however you want and you may play however you want. It doesn’t matter to me lol. It was asked why people don’t like tanks and I answered. That’s really all there is to it.

I answered a question. Bringing up him is just an example of a higher skilled player that went to a tank and was ostracized for it. He even said himself he legit lost friends over it. I’m not dictating how you or anyone else should think, feel, or play. I’m just giving you info on the topic at hand. Only certain tanks are “viable” (prot pal) and they’re always hated. The one thing that made bears meme-y was fixed. They’re simply no longer relevant against competent players. If you want to have fun at 1200 then that’s within your right. Have at it.

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Again, this isn’t past xpacs.

Playing mongo has less skill than surviving mongo.


What is the point you’re trying to make by saying that? I mean I agree, a sub rogue’s opener with legendary/trinket and such isn’t difficult. Reacting properly is more difficult, why is why when people can’t, they tend to complain a lot. I agree they’re a little obnoxious right now but it’s manageable.

So again… what are you getting at?