Guardian MT

…After 6 days and around 35(ish) Hours. i still cannot complete this challenge.
I’m starting out as Boomie to dps as much as possible until the first set of horrors show up i regrowth myself to take instant aggro. I moonfire the eye too avoid knockback. i moonfire each horror with a thrash, then incap roar after their cast. i then spam swipe ( barkskin is activated). I continue to dot the boss, ( not letting them drop) I kite infernals around as much as possible so they kill themselves also to avoid the smash when they get close to me. i rinse and repeat i get to phase 2 every attempt. When Kruul gets down most of the time the horrors will spawn as well so i try to drag everything over to the orbs. ( normally i have 3 at the start of phase 2.) So i’ll pop a orb instantly when they are all next to me. i pop drums, potions. barkskin again, and kill them all. i interrupt kruul’s self heal while trying to mitigate the big attack. 1. i stack 3x iron fur. pretty simple too survive for that. the 2nd attack he does is just insane i pop incarn, and rush to an orb because the infernals are about to smash while the horrors are about to cast nether-storm. and i jus end up dying to kruuls attack every time. This is starting to feel impossible. What’s the point of blizzard only listening to big youtubers or mythic raiders on twitch to adjust mage tower i don’t understand. Whats the point in farming old gear for old content to get a reward. This mage is a complete joke after looking around the forums and reddit and see nothing but complaints from people, or posts complaining like this one saying they’ve spent days and endless hours trying to get fel bear form and can’t do it. I kept my sub especially for the mage tower. i guess ill just let this month run out and wait for 9.2 play the new raid until blizzard does its normal routine of messing something up to then just cancel again.

Blizzard. get your stuff together not everyone is a mythic raider. Not everyone uses multiple weak aura icons on their screen to track every single thing for old content. Not everyone played legion.
Not everyone wants to spend thousands on the AH…
Rant is done. tell me to get gud.