Guardian Druid + Necrotic/Sanguine Against the Grain


Reading all these posts about current state of Guardian Druid, I am surprised. I am not a pro tank by any means but it’s only my second week doing mythic dungeons and all my Alts are 120 except DH/DK.

Although I’m only doing +6-9 mythic currently, I swear my Druid is by far the easiest to handle this weeks sanguine and necrotic affixes. Between movement speed, swiftmend, knockback from talent, and pullback from talent + the dodge from crit, and swiftmend In ER situations they are imo by far the simplest way to handle this weeks’ affixes.

Yes, paladins can bubble and lay on hands and BOP but the majority of players are disoriented by this play style because Aggro goes all over the place. However, Druid’s are straightforward beefy bears.

Maybe it’s Lucky RNG between healers/dungeons I played on my Druid but I think not. It was far easier/less of a hassle than on my warrior/paladin. I highly recommend competent players try guardian Druid,; we can all agree there are never enough tanks.

Yes, warrior AOE damage is ridiculous, and I imagine even more so as you gear; yet, My druid has almost 400k and my gear score is almost 30 levels below max. Furthermore as warriors are concerned, heroic leap is a life saver in combination with stun/fear but it feels less reliable in straight forward ease of use imo. It also separates mobs more randomly leading to less predictable sanguine-pools; which are the bane of most pugs.

So I challenge you to go against the grain and spec to tank as a Guardian Druid; you might be pleasantly surprised !!

Normally I am a resto Druid healer and was pleasantly surprised to tank these affixes.

  • Make sure you google wowhead mythic talents, they make a huge difference.


good to know others are enjoying bear!

(Tewa) #3

Necrotic was heavily, HEAVILY nerfed in 8.1 and is a non-issue these days, for all tanks. In pre-8.1 you would see bears complain about falling over dead during necrotic weeks, but you don’t see those anymore. Complaints about bear these days are about lack of utility, poor survivability in really high-end content compared to other tanks, and boredom/lack of variety.


Oh good grief. The dodge from crit is meaningless. There’s a reason that Blizzard moved away from avoidance tanks several expansions ago: everybody hated being the avoidance tank.

(Drezwazluz) #4

Changing it from magic to a bleed doesn’t affect bear. It still bypasses armor.

You know that, right?


Except they built a class around being an avoidance tank…

(Sevaryn) #6

This is probably why. Once you hit +10, Reaping waves are not only 4-5 additional pulls against your timer but also forces you to constrain how you make everything in between.

More functional tanks are able to pull bigger and kite more safely under Necrotic, more reliably withstand regular mobs still being alive during Reaping and thus have more freedom in selecting pulls, and can often pull a boss while Reaping is still going on and cleave it down against the boss. To say nothing of how higher DPS tanks help burn through the HP sponge of Fortified better, which is honestly the biggest obstacle.

It looks like even in that range you’re failing most of the timers anyway. I see exactly one success in your entire history outside Atal and Waycrest. There are any number of reasons why, and not all of them would be you (in that range there are fantastically bad pug DPS applying). But a bear is pretty much fighting uphill from the start and will exacerbate any team problems. Your healer is healing more and splitting attention becomes that much harder. Pulls have to be smaller and overall DPS drops.

(Tewa) #7

Currently? No.

(Drezwazluz) #8

Monk has a bit of avoidance built in. Their main mechanic is, by a long shot, stagger.