Guard Druid + RSham LFG M+ Guild


204 iLvl Guard druid and 200 iLvl Resto Shaman looking for a guild that is interested in pushing high keys in M+. My work schedule does not allow for raiding for the most part but I want to push some keys.

Pushed to 2.7k iO BFA Season 4 in pugs before everyone started leaving and would prefer to have a group to constantly play with.

Started gearing my Shaman then switched to Druid as tanks are few and far between. More than happy and willing to play both.


Hi Nahnook,

We have a group of people that regularly run keys and their healer wouldn’t mind having another healer in the guild that likes high end keys.

Could also use another tank for when the key tanks aren’t online.

We are just a small community minded guild, maybe you could check us out?

Obligatory guild spam: [H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game?

If you are interested I could put you in touch with our guildies that run keys.