Groups taking Evokers over Hunters?!

I wouldn’t invite you either. Just because.

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You had me reading up till this one. You clearly don’t play an Evoker or know anything about them.

… and now I see who OP is and wish to Elune I hadn’t replied at all. Usual hyperbolic non-factual hunter complaining. Yawn.


Idk the hunter immunity turtle is pretty nice for some stuff.

And their dps is typically fine.

That being said, I would take evoker over hunter lol

Lol? Notsureifsrs

This is a troll thread right? It’s like a billionaire crying that another billionaire has more billions.

Cries in shaman.

Nerf hunter, buff evoker. Ty blizz.

Sadly, this particular OP is known for these threads. Takes their name to heart, this one.

Hunters fold like a cheap suit they’re the absolute epitome of a glass cannon atm with 0 survivability or utility except a turtle shell.

I’m a Dwagon

Evokers have to look at their ugly character model, so it’s balanced.


At least they’re not mages with even less survivability, mobility and half the dps of an mm hunter.

Less mobility??? A MAGE???

Compared to a hunter, yes. E.g. Hunter main defensive you can still move. Mage is…ice block lmao. Just gotta sit there like a sad meme. At this point, my DK is more mobile than my mage is.

Double tap isn’t a big a deal outside of PvP.

I agree hunters are squishy af tho, can’t think of a class that dies more in M+. They need a 10% stamina buff.

You can blink twice up to 40 yards how do you have less mobility than hunters & dk’s??? That doesn’t compute.

DK has some pretty powerful mobility talents. My DK can outrun most other classes these days except maybe druid and hunter. The DK/pally wheelchair memes died a while ago. Also mage is a turret caster. Not as bad as lock but not much better. Hunter doesn’t have that issue anywhere near as badly.

I run many many keys. Albeit 11-14 mostly over multiple characters.

I don’t care if it’s a hunter or Evoker just as long as they do mechanics and know how to do their rotation proper.

Really good Evokers bring as much if not more than Hunters.

However a really good MM brings mob damage that is unparalleled.

But yeah I don’t look at the class as much as the player and composition (lust, brez, etc).

I do have to admit hunters are in a rough spot for survivabilty.

The OP’s forum name is definitely a troll. The fact that Marks was mid-tier, Beast Mastery and Survival were near the bottom, and yet Marks is taking a hit is not at all a troll.

As of yesterday, this Blizz Class Tuning thread said that double-tap was being replaced by some other skill to reduce DPS with today’s maintenance. Today that thread doesn’t show a hunter change so maybe they’ve altered their plans, but the idea that they planned to nerf Marks when they’re not even in the top-5 is mind-boggling.

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Shorter cooldown on our 20% damage reduction would be nice. 1 minute vs 3 or whatever it is would be helpful when our heal is 2 mins and health stones/pots are once perfight

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Its more how squishy they are over how much dmg they do. Especially in this heavy aoe season.

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