Group of 5+ players LF guild

Hi all. We are looking for a guild that might be needing players for Heroic+ content, or running higher keys. Some of us are casual, but there are at least 5 of us who are dead-set on raiding. Unfortunately we can’t really do that with our current setup, so we’re looking for a weekend raiding guild (basically anything that isn’t Tues/Thurs since some of us raid on those days as well).

-Monk DPS/Healer
-Tank/DPS Monk
-Tank Pally (can OS)
-Holy Pally
-Resto Druid

Just an idea of the type of classes/specs you can expect from absorbing us. We’re all pretty chill dudes, pretty active, and we’re looking to get more out of the game.

ChimRichalds#1797 if you have any questions, thanks.

I am not in a guild, but I am looking for a core group that I can run content with daily.