Group looking for Guild PVE-PST


A group of 4-5 friends and I are looking for a casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild able to accommodate the following options;
Faction: prefer Horde but will roll Alliance if other conditions are met
Sever type: PVE
Time Zone: PST (Pacific)
Raid Day and times: Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am PST

Most of the group played in Vanilla, all of us are experienced raiders in wow and other MMO’s and are looking enjoy the leveling experience but want to be part of the Classic WoW community and have a home when we reach max level. If your guild meets the above requirements you will find us competent, consistent, and friendly.

Thank you

We will be a su
per casual chill guild, fun first. Raiding will come when we have numbers… Name is Bar and Grill

Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it. Looking for Aetish or Myzrael as all of us live on the west coast. But we’ll keep in contact if things don’t pan out.

Yea i see that sorry didnt see the PST…

Asgaard fits your exact criteria.

Just a heads-up they require a voice interview which was a non-starter for some of my friends.

We’ve spoken to the GM of Asgaard and are exploring them as an option. still keeping an eye for guilds that meet the above criteria.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t mind a tag if you find a lead Jiyuu. Also LFG PST

Hey Lifesbane I’ll update this thread if we find a good fit, so far it’s like trying to find a unicorn…

Understatement. I have pacific friends finding east coast options. Thank you

Bumping this back up. Still looking for a West Coast PVE server Guild with planned raid times of Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am pst.