Group Finder Problem

This has been an issue for me since the Group Finder came out. I don’t know if it’s a me thing, or if anyone else has this problem. I tried looking it up and didn’t find anything.

When I create a group, let’s say for VOA. When I am trying to fill out the note section in the bottom, I start running into a slew of problems. Sometimes what I’m writing will delete it’s self as I’m typing. Sometimes the game acts as if I’ve clicked off the window, and other windows will start popping up as I’m trying to type, so my keystrokes are prompting other things to open.

I’ve ended up having to click update after each word to even get all the information I want into the note. Would be easier if I could just paste into the note so I could by pass my issues, but I can’t do that.

Any idea what’s wrong with my group finder, or a way I can fix this?