Grong deserves a statue in Stormwind

(Zaleos) #17

Grong was a true hero of the Alliance and he shall be remembered as such.

He truly deserves to be honored. A statue would be nice.

(Leafblight) #18

“Blizzard wrote me an excuse in so neener neener my clearly evil actions to someone who joined our side willingly aren’t evil because reasons!”

Ask yourself this, if he wasn’t a giant monkey, if he was just a human, and your heard him roaring in pain every time they shocked him to make him fight harder, would you feel the same?

(Zaleos) #19

Actually…The Horde has tried to “wipe out an entire populace of people” at least three times that I remember as of right now…probably more. Quite succesfully too.

Now you may say “alliance is no better”… I dont claim to decide what’s good and whats evil but, dunno, somehow I feel “better” not being the one who starts every war and every slaughter. Just me thou.

(Felsavior) #20

Nah. We gonna glue him together and let the kids play on him like a jungle gym!

(Laudrian) #21

Hey, what’s up with the hatred for my kind? We male human paladins are cool.
Some are “overzealous” of course, but we coo.


Where would you put the statue? I’m picturing on the side of a building somewhere.


King Kong style, top of the castle holding a Jaina statue.

(Fenshire) #24

Don’t be lazy now, ape mon!

(Sinelus) #25

…but you realize we basically forced a gorilla who was happy with his family to fight for us right?

(Laudrian) #26

Not forced, he volunteered! He even developed most of the device, what are you on about? He was angry that the horde was hunting his people, so he wanted revenge.


I like the King Kong idea, but seriously, at the base of the dock for ships to Kul Tiras?

(Laudrian) #28

Sounds good actually!

(Alamara) #29

Somewhere in the dwarven district. There’s some cranes there that really could be replaced.

And there should be gnomes visiting it every day.

(Laudrian) #30

I was also thinking somewhere near Lion’s Rest, the place is pretty much a memorial to the heroes of the alliance already.


All Alliance must make pilgrimage to the upcoming Shrine of Grong. He is a martyr in our holy war against the Horde savages.

(Zaleos) #32

Lion’s Rest. On one of the four grassy areas around the fountain (circular area).

Edit: Upon re-visiting, I see only two of the “grassy areas” are suitable, the other two being too small. Feels like a nice place for a Grong Memorial.

(Alamara) #33

I also think we need an homage (and a name) for the suicide squadron that held the Horde in Nazmir. They should be in the new Alliance warcry.

(Breakcog) #34

Seems to be too large a request, why not see a gorilla of that tribe in the portal room?

(Leafblight) #35

You forgetting about the camps you forced all the Orcs into? Or how you attempted to exterminate the Blood Elves? OR the forsaken?

(Zaleos) #36

You mean the camps that humans constructed forgiving the lives of the orcs who came from nowhere to conquer and slaughter our people, with no warning and no provocation from our side, instead of straightforward killing them all like horde usually does? Nope, haven’t forgotten.