Grobbulus isn't locked why can't I Xfer to :(?

Title is the question, want to bring my paladin on a dead server thats cap level to a server I’m leveling on and currently really enjoying. Any idea when the xfer will be available or maybe it’s a bug currently?

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wont that hurt the dead server?

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Hey man, not my problem ;P. Hard to want to play there when I can barely find groups to raid with that can fit the times I’m able to :(.

Because we dont need more Alliance on Grob. Roll Horde. I promise there’s only like a 25% chance I’ll gank you.


There was a time Grobbulas was a perfectly balanced server. Then the invaders from other realms penetrated Grobbulas and disrupted the harmony. Don’t be that guy. Roll Horde on Grob


Transfers ruined perfect faction balance on Grobb.

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Server locust carebears won’t be happy until all realms are just imbalanced and trashed.
Grobb had one of (if not the best) the best communities since launch!
Server transfers should have never been a thing until after P6. Yup. Those poor carebears trying to avoid the pvp, that they signed up for during P2 is what started this whole mess.
Lock all of the servers. Fit in where you get in! Don’t want to reroll? Too bad.

Those aren’t bad odds.

No more ally blizzard, please only allow horde transfers.

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