Grobbulus Horde did more to stop the BOTS/RMT than Blizzard did

We spent 9 phases server hoping all the hottest gold farm spots, killing pally bots in strat/kara, rogue bots in BRD. Hunting gold farmers and Black Lotus stealth bots.

Its funny looking back now that the wars over and RMT and P2W has won, none of it mattered. We were basically taking food off peoples tables just so Blizzard could give them an all you can eat infinite buffet smh.


And you think this is more than Blizzard banning 73k accounts over the course of a 2 week period?

73k? Rookie numbers compared to our HKs.


Going of one of the more popular google hits has from top 5 listings, either side of grobb (the site breaks down to alliance and horde sellers), millions of golds are for sale. Right now, less than hour wait even.

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Closer to 30 seconds.

In TBC there were nearly gearless mages and rogues map hacking Coilfang down into the front of the dungeons directly below. I’d just slay 6-7 per minute, solo, it was just a massive train of bots and corpses.

One night I was bored and sat there killing for well over an hour. Easily a couple hundred kills.


Doing gods work.


Your kills do practically nothing to the bottom line of botters. They’ll just keep reviving again and again until you leave. Feel free to compare PVE gold values to PVP gold values.


Get your logic off my LARP post.

I can personally confirm that I put a lot of bots out of business. (well not really but i killed the hell outa them)

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gank slave pen really man u lil suckerÉ try cab 3 mage on 3 alt/tab at once if u got da balls cheeky ally moth breather see if u can step up lil anglo man its one pull entire slavepen doubt u can manage that

Blizz nerfed slave pen boost. My guilde just leave game. Simple fact


Only thing grobb horde is good at is getting farmed in CoT.

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I’ll let the banter slide since the only time I’ve ever seen you on Grob is when you killed my alt who was trying support third world children.


Don’t see anything on that post that indicates that’s classic only. Nor is that any indication that is all gold farmers.

Exploitive behavior could be cheesing a boss, piloting, or any myriad of other things.

For all we know that’s across all their games.

absolutely rekt

Grob horde cant even kill the bots in WSG

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Neither can Blizzard. LMAO

It all mattered. The heroes live on in our hearts :heart:

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