Greetings from Freedom Fighters United (Recruitment Message)

Greetings from Freedom Fighters United – Feathermoon / Scarlet Crusade,

We are laid back guild that would like to venture back into organized raiding. We are looking for more like-minded players on NA realms. Our initial goal would be to have a successful normal raid with the possibility of heroic. Looking for Friday and Saturday around 8 PST (PDT depending on time of year). Mostly looking for DPS but other roles may be available depending on group needs. If there is enough interest other nights maybe considered whether for progression or alt runs.

We would prefer people over 18 years old. Offensive behavior, for example ethnic slurs, homophobic comments, and religious or political attacks will not be tolerated. We also require a certain level of compatibility with established members. The jokes in voice chat can sometimes be of an adult nature but are meant in a fun and friendly environment.

This Discord server link is for recruitment:

Please leave a message on the above discord server with class and role you are interested in bringing to the raid. If you are on Feathermoon or Scarlet Crusade you are welcome to join the ranks of the guild it is not required.