Greetings From a Distant Past

Hello, Cenarion Circlers (and friends). Most of you will have no idea who I am, but I used to play WoW religiously. I started at almost the very beginning (~2005) and played for about six years (which seemed like a really long time - none of us could have imagined it would still be going strong in 2020!). It was a wondrous journey and most of it took place here. I took part (in peripheral fashion) in many of the community’s formative events, like the first Armistice Ball (I mostly remember the lag and the slideshow framerate pushed out by my vastly overburdened laptop, but the thrill of taking part in history as it is being made is priceless.)

This was my life. Then nine years ago, sometime in the middle of Cataclysm, I departed Azeroth. As had happened with many of us, the game had started to feel stale and empty to me and most of my friends had lost interest as well. I was concerned that the game had taken over my life, that I was an unhealthy WoW addict, and so one day I logged off and never logged back in.

Then all of a sudden, about a week ago, I started to get the itch. I’m not sure what prompted it, but I started reading up on everything I missed, which is quite overwhelming. And while the common consensus seems to be that the quality of both the gameplay and the lore have vastly deteriorated, what really kept me playing this game all those years was the community, and the wondrous escape that is roleplaying.

Upon perusing this forum for the first time in years, I was amazed to see a few names I recognized (Good lord, the AAMS is still around!). While I was never totally happy here or anywhere else, occasionally chasing greener RP pastures on other servers, I could never deny the closeness, loyalty, and most of all the shared history of this small community. That is what kept me coming back, and it still appears evident today. (And it looks like my other home, Shadow Council, has merged! Why haven’t the forums?)

So I’ve decided that I’m going to give Shadowlands a shot. (I wish I had found out about Classic a year ago instead of last week, but I assume I would mainly play retail unless there’s been a significant exodus of the RP community over to Classic.)

Now this is the part of the story where I have a few questions to ask.

First and foremost: much has surely changed in the ensuing years. Those who remember me at all may remember that I was a vocal critic of what many of us perceived from early on as a stagnant RP scene, held together with great effort by an inner circle of prominent individuals and guilds, but with very little spontaneous “walk-around” and non-guild RP. A cursory look at recent posts seems to confirm that this is still the case. While I haven’t been around to contribute and am thus in no way entitled to anything other than what I make of my experience should I return, I am nonetheless concerned, as I no longer have virtually unlimited time to walk around Stormwind trying to make things happen, nor to be an ambassador on the forums trying desperately to recruit RPers. I did those things for years; it drained the life out of me and ultimately drove me away from the game. If things have improved since I was last here, then I would be more than happy to make the effort. But if they haven’t, and if the last connections I have to this community from so long ago have been severed for good, then I may have to finally bite the bullet and start over somewhere else.

The consensus outside this forum appears to be that the most active RP servers, by an overwhelming margin, are Moon Guard (still the standard bearer after all these years, despite our efforts, no doubt exaggerated and a little mean-spirited, to convince everyone (most of all ourselves) that they were just a bunch of Goldshire ERPers and not worth the trouble) and Wyrmrest Accord, two servers with high populations and especially active Alliance and Horde communities, respectively. I’m no longer concerned with server pride and provincialism and just want to casually get back into the hobby that I’ve been away from for far too long. I’ve never had an aptitude for writing long stories or complex character biographies; I just want to immerse myself in this world again, to make the small moments as well as the big events count.

So please be as honest as you can - is there enough to work with here? And does anyone care to welcome back an old priest who never quite fit in (in or out of character) but always tried his best to do right by his friends and community (in and out of character), and may not exactly have an elegant or tidy explanation for where he’s been all this time (in and out of character!)?

(On that last point, I think I’ll reroll as a druid and change my name slightly, which I never really liked or settled on a pronunciation for. Luckily most just called me Tal, and I’ll never have a better opportunity for a bit of retconning!)

Anyway, thank you for reading all that. Regardless of whether I ultimately return to CC(/SoE/ShC/BwR), I wanted you guys to hear from me first. I will always treasure the memories and stories we made together. You were my childhood, and a part of me never left.


Nice to see an old time guy returning! Welcome back to CC-SoE, and now ShC and BWR! I’m -relatively- new around here, about 5-6 years spent on server, and only really recently getting into the RP here. I’ve spent some time on MG as well, and the differences are pretty clear, but we’ve slowly gained more and more people from both the merger and new postings here. We have even a new series of RPs that were started by Compassion, and the link is here:Shadowlands Class Event Series. Myself, I’ve been on and off recruiting for my DK oriented RP guild, though it’s certainly tough to grow during the content drought that is 8.3.

We have also been growing a community discord and OOC channels, so I’d say we are relatively growing better than ever before.

There is certainly enough to work with here, in my humble honest opinion, there’s a ton of RP happening pretty much around the clock nowadays, ranging from Cerulana’s Bards of the Lion hosting a play (Great job btw!), AAMS running mail, Zurom hosting timey wimey period RPs that allow our oldest characters to make an appearance during the times of Azeroth that we in the game did not experience, and as mentioned above Compassion’s Shadowlands Class Event series. And you are as always welcome to come along and join us!

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Welcome back!

To get straight to the point, in my honest opinion, there is more than enough to work with here.

I am quite new to the server, having joined CC-SoE in April of this year. Similarly, I am returning to the game after a long hiatus. Started playing in Vanilla just prior to the launch of BC, and continued through Wrath until a series of major life events intervened. I never made it back. So I can sympathize with you there!

While you’re not wrong in your assessment of the lack of walk-up RP, I find that it’s not needed to have a robust RP experience on this server. If you play both factions, there are recurring weekly events that happen nearly every day of the week. To fill the spaces in between, I find that if you reach out to others, most folks are more than happy to set up RP scenarios outside of the event RP.

I am also a casual player that doesn’t have much time to dedicate to the game. Personally, I find the model of RP here to be better suited to my schedule rather than one that’s dependent on me wandering around a capital city throwing out RP hooks all night. Weekly events are held at regular, static times, and that works well for me. Of course, your mileage may vary!

That being said, I also made a conscious choice to come to a smaller RP server over MG or WrA. For me, the quality of the community is a greater draw than the quantity of RP. And I have definitely been happy with my choice. Everyone here on the connected realms has been friendly and welcoming and willing to help this new roleplayer.

So, I hope you’ll give it a chance! Feel free to whisper me in game (Jairian-Cenarion Circle) to say hello, or if you ever want to RP!

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Absolutely! We’re still kinda small, but we’re very active! tons of weekly rp events, little plots always goin’ on, plenty of friendly faces and several guilds to play with.

I love our lil town feel, personally, but we get new folks every day, which is awesome.

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Hello there!! I do hope you will join us on the discord and say hi. There are plenty of people willing to rp, and schedules vary. Walk up rp to me is just not as important as forming long-lasting relationships with the people you meet here. The days of ‘walk around and hope you find someone that is not: too young, too silly, too crazy, too snobby, or just downright rude!’ are not nearly as enjoyable as joining some friends at an event and plotting and scheming to make an interesting story happen!

Do you want to be immersed? (rubs hands together) I have several storylines pending, from a mystery to a gathering of Cultists looking to spread some chaos!

Glad to see more players returning! I hope the hype for Shadowlands lives up to the excitement. If not, I am probably going to stay just for the rp.

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Ishnu-alah, Talumas.

I am not the roleplayer I used to be, but I can verify most roleplay is via regularly recurring drop-in events, with some semi-regular presence at a local bar; the local population is, evidently, in need of AA.

If scheduling works for you - great. If not, I have heard excellent things about WrA and MG. We do also have cross-over open-world instancing with other realms, and I have seen some success interacting with foreign-realm players.

Be ever blesséd.

Lady A.