Green Dragon Instant Respawn Bug is now causing an immense loot exploit right now btw

The dragons are respawning almost instantly after they are killed. Guilds are sucking up ludicrous amounts of epics from this, and I bet on servers where certain factions completely control the server, are completely one-sided or even “one-guilded” benefits.

I hate to suggest this because typically it would seem like a last resort type thing, but we need a roll back to the dragon drop. This is actually a very serious screw up and it needs to be immediately rectified somehow or we are going to weather probably what is the biggest loot exploit this game has ever suffered, that not everybody even has the ability to take advantage of, given the nature of world bosses.


If there are guilds farming world bosses back to back for loot via an exploit like this they should be banned no questions asked. Entire guilds were banned for exploiting layering inside MC when they discovered you could layer it. This is no different.


The mobs are spawning regardless of player input. Not at all the same.

Blizz said people get to keep the loot, so I assume no bans either.

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What?! Where? That’s unacceptable!

From that other post

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Doesn’t matter a lot IMO. Anyone who has half a brain cell knows it’s not intended for the boss to keep respawning and to keep farming him. Just like how top guilds in retail discovered they could exploit LFR loot and got banned. I don’t know all the details but if a guild is just farming a boss over and over and over and over then that should be actionable.


Well, it literally is intended for them to be spawning, actually. Blizzard even stated as such.

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I’ve seen reports of 8 kills in a single location.

There has been additional spawns beyond this expected one.


That’s not outside the realm of possibility given what the blue post said.

The dragons can spawn at any of the four locations, meaning you can kill Lethon in one spot, and Emeriss might spawn there right after, and so on.

Our realm had two Emerisses up at the same time. One in Hinterlands; one in Ashenvale.

SpawNinG iSTantLY!!!

ya… no?

they spawned twice at each location.

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There is a saying that has come along over the years called exploit early and exploit often. Blizzard screws up so much that when the inevitable game breaking glitch comes along and everyone takes advantage of it there is no reason not to do it because they at most issue 24 hour suspensions and you get to keep the loot. Its almost like they fired their entire QA team.

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Once. It is intended for them to respawn at most once. Notice the inclusion of the word “second”. It does not say “eighth”.

No need to roll back. They’ll just suspend the players that did it and delete the loot.

Well, hot porcupine garbage. This is becoming a recurring theme Blizz.

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This is starting to get comical, how is Blizz having this much trouble with everything to do in this game? I think they’re bumbling more on Classic than they did on Vanilla when it was new and they were new to MMOs.


Can we actually confirm that the dragons were spawning more than the 2 times Blizz said they would? I heard it was happening on my realm too but never saw it, and I figure if it was happening, there would more than 2 threads about it on the forums.

Blizzard won’t.

They’ll thank the guilds that found the exploit, deem that they didn’t mean to do it, let them keep their loot and fix the problem for the rest of us.

Atleast that’s what they did when people were running multiple MCs in a week, claiming they didn’t know it was 1 lockout per week… top tiered players that is.

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