Greatwolf Outcast Transmog?

Can someone tell me which pieces of the Shaman tier 3 Greatwolf Outcast set are available to Hunters? I’m having a hard time isolating exactly which ones are available and doggone it I’d really like to find out which ones I can use because it’s an awesome set. I realize some pieces being Shaman-only means they can’t be transmogged but are there look-alikes?

The helm, belt, legs, cloak and boots have mail lookalikes (I think Bracers as well but I never care about bracers).

The Shoulders, hands, and chest are Shaman only.

Believe me, I suffered through this as well taking all my mail wearers through this as well for those sweet mogs XD

Thank you! Yeah, my research was leading me to the same conclusion, but with all the avenues for gear now I wanted to see if there was something I was overlooking.

The dream of being a Worgen hunter with wolf shoulders will have to wait until a look-alike is created or xmog restrictions are relaxed, but there are similarly-themed ones I may be able to use in the meantime.

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