Great Vault Rewards Update - March 15

Thanks for options! We love options!


EXCELLENT move on sockets coming from vault tokens.

Interesting, this also work for casuals who do low tier content!

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This is actually a really good place for this item…

Well done.

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Great changes, but there’s still an issue: players have to choose between ilevel-scaling PVP gear and PVE gear. If you want to do both forms of content, you have to sacrifice one each week.


That’s what i’m talking about that some currencies could provide more rewards, including even motes for mount/pet creation, gold…etc really great change. Thanks

The way this is worded, “You will now receive…” implies that you always receive tokens when collecting your vault, rather than them being a choice in place of getting gear. The Developers’ notes suggest that this is not the case, and they’re still a consolation prize you have to choose, but it could be written more clearly.


bummer…so have to wait till we get a really bad vault and much later in the expan to really get value out of these changes.

Why not make the merits sort of guaranteed? and then for 10.0 allow that currency to be something you can build over time to get the loot you desired as it hasn’t dropped from the vault/raid for you? Just makes the entire player experience so much better.


We know the reason. It’s programed as such. All you have to do is get a programmer to change some digits/codes and make it not drop non-upgradable-duplicates.

Problem solved.


Can you keep it at 3? It was a pretty good racket to do a dungeon per alt each week.

Are these per row, or total? IE: if I do 5 raid bosses and 1 key, do I get 4 or 6?

Doesn’t affect me but can I say… what is up with all these currencies again :laughing:
[Options are always nice; but you guys can tinker on the code to actually do what you wanted it to… or at least how you sold the Vault as… just sayin’]

Great change, thank you!

I heavily dislike that the only way to add sockets in season 3 is to give up an entire week’s choice of loot.

Bad change.



This is not an amazing change - it would have been amazing if you get the tokens along with the gear you pick or simply double the token to 12 if you pick nothing. One step forward but ten backwards.


I don’t hate the change but i don’t love it either. Honestly, it would be nice to be able to buy those sockets with cosmic flux, too. I’m getting so much that I’m almost drowning in it and this after I’ve already upgraded my legendary. I also have all the memories so that’s out the window.


They could have not made the change and you would have no way to socket your items.


I’m not happy about the change to merits. Getting 3 vault slots is quite an effort for people that play alts.

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Cosmic Flux socket vendor please?


My read is that they aren’t changing existing prices, only adding new options.